Worktable Build Progress

One Frame Down, Four To Go! The top shown below is not the final top, just a 4x8 sheet of plywood that was in the Hive13 stock so I coudl get a feel for the size and height. Final top will be 1.5 inches of MDF. I’m also planning on painting the frame black.


I think you should sign the table.




I thought I already did! Did the third photo not show up for you? :stuck_out_tongue:

great work !


FYI to anyone who heard me saying I’d be in this saturday to work on tables some more, I have to issue a correction: I have other plans Saturday, but I will be in Sunday to either certify people on the glass torch or work on tables.

I’ll be in Sunday from 10 or 11 till 6 or 7 if anyone wants to come in and work on the tables with me.

We got the second big work bench frame done today and we'll as most of the standing weld table. Making great progress, thanks Greg and Ryan for the hard work!

I got the third table frame upright and on it’s casters last evening, it’s ready to have it’s steel top put on:

I also grabbed a quick picture of the main area with both big tables in it:

I’ll be in this evening (Friday, February 15th, 2019) to work on the tables and would appreciate a person or tree to help out if anyone is willing and able. The to-do list for finishing the three tables that have been started is:

  1. Grind down welds on the unpainted big table
  2. Prep and paint unpainted big table
  3. Paint paper roll brackets
  4. Drill mounting holes in frames and tops
  5. Cut MDF shelves
  6. Round edges/corners of shelves and MDF tops
  7. Install shelves and tops
  8. Install paper roll brackets
    All the material is at Hive13 and just waiting for us to finish. I’ll be bringing a mag-base drill from work to make drilling all the holes in the steel much easier.


Kevin M.

I can come Saturday morning and do something before Cleanup Saturday at 2.
Tonight is already promised.


Anyone available tomorrow evening (February 21st, 2019, 5:30ish to 9:00ish) to help me work on the tables?

If I can get a few people helping I think we can get the first big worktable and the standing welding table 100% finished.


Kevin M.

I have time Friday afternoon and Saturday morning?

Joe Pomeroy

Friday is Needlecraft Night and Saturday is the leather mask event, so not great times to work on the tables…

If anyone is able to stop by this evening, I’d really appreciate some help. I’ve got a few things I’d like to get done that require lifting more weight than I feel confident moving around myself.


Kevin M.

First table is ALMOST done! It still needs the top and shelf sanded and sealed with danish oil. Feel free to use it, but please avoid getting anything on it that could stain till it has been sealed.


Kevin M.

good work.


The first of the worktables is essentially done, except for some touch up paint and another coat of or two of varnish:

I have also drilled and countersunk all the holes for mounting the welding table top, I now just need to finish shimming the table top flat and bolting it in place:





I didn’t grab any pictures of progress of the worktables, but they are coming along nicely!

Big Table 1: Essentially done, Joe put a second coat of varnish on today, and I came back with a third. The third coat was definitely soaking in less, but was a bit splotchy, so we should probably go for a 4th coat.

Big Table 2: I got the shelf installed Friday, Ryan got the paper mounts drilled and bolted today, and Greg cut the threads for the pipe the paper hangs on. This one just needs Varnish and touch up paint to be done! Be careful with it for now, as it is not sealed at all.

Standing Weld Table: This one is done, it’s shelf got two more coats of varnish just like the first big table, and is ready for action! (Please read the thread about caring for these new welding tables, there are a few things that are important, but may not be obvious to everyone)

If no one has any significant objections, I think I am going to take a month or so break before building the Sitting weld table and the FabLab work table. I have been throwing myself at these tables hard for the last two months and have neglected my own projects. If anyone else is feeling eager to make progress on them though, I wil absolutely help make sure everyone knows what needs to be done to make them turn out as well as these first three.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with these fairly big builds, I could not have done it without all the hands that have helped.


Kevin M.

Looks awesome, thanks for all your work.