What are you working on currently? anything cool you made recently?

Just wanted to start a thread about any project your doing currently, or anything you’ve completed recently that’s interesting, and it doesn’t have to be made exclusively in the hive.
Think of it as an extended Frisbee round, or a show and tell of what’s going on, that’s maybe not big enough to write an entire thread on.

I recently finished my Montage Cosplay from Rainbow Six Siege, and worked on it a lot around 2 weeks ago in the hive, and it took a long time, but I got the shield functional to extend and the helmet I felt turned out the best looking!
(on the right, the one that looks wierd)

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Noah that turned out awesome! I saw you grabbed the mirror, and thanks for scanning them pieces!

I am working on a Type 3 phaser rifle for Star trek TOS and a Bridgette shield from Overwatch.

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I don’t do fun projects anymore. I have some cool(ish) circuits I’ve whipped up for work. Does that count?



Life is cruel and in recent months I have found myself having to “adult” more than I am comfortable with. I am having to convince myself that maintenance / restoration / improvement projects on my 115 year old house count as making.

I made a new cellar door to replace the one before it which rotted which replaced the one before that which also rotted. This one is so freakin’ weather treated it may still be there when archaeologists discover the ruins of my house

I am making one of my side doors ready for the next 115 years of its life. Here it is primed, ready for molding to be installed and then painted.

I am making the other side door ready for another 115 years

I am making money at work so I can pay the people who tuck pointed my stone foundation. I started doing this work myself and then decided that this is precisely why I have a job, so I can pay other people to do this work. Note the decimated concrete sidewalk. Guess who needs to keep his job so he doesn’t have to do that work either?

I saved my front porch from collapsing into the ground (which is the sad fate of waaay too many porches in Northside). Still remaining is to restore the bases of the columns and install cast aluminum plinths under them to allow the columns to breathe and not rot.

The cast aluminum plinths:

I made my lawn mower unnecessary

Before winter I will be making a quilted tapestry to hang on the wall behind the bed. The wall is masonry and gets reeeeally chilly in the dead of winter. I am hoping to make this an art project to scratch my creativity itch.

I have an empty space on my wall of guitars. Actually this is a lie, I have plenty to fill up this space. But as the saying goes

Q: What is the correct number of guitars to own?

I am working very slowly towards making a faithful reproduction of the guitar used by Alex Lifeson of Rush on my favorite albums of theirs. Shown here is someone else’s reproduction, not mine. I expect to tie into this this coming winter.

Image result for sportscaster hentor

I HOPE to stick my toes into some cosplay but I am disinterested in cartoon characters and stuff. So I would like to recreate some iconic rock star costumes starting with this one.

Another one would be John Lennon’s winter outfit and cape from the movie HELP! I once saw this cape on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I wish I had taken photos because it is super hard to find detailed images.

Image result for HELP! cape john lennon

Before the great laser fire of 2019 I was working on recreating Joy Divisions iconic album cover art as a wall hanging. This was a prototype.

I will probably be involved in making the big laser cutter make stuff again:

That Otakon ? some how it looks very familiar.
Looks like fun times !

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It was Matsuricon in Columbus last weekend. It was a blast! But a little smaller than normal.
I’ll take Montage to the Cinci comic expo too in a few weeks.

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Here’s me messing around in Blender and writing custom mesh generation software because I’m avoiding learning how to do actual mesh modeling.



I finally finished this little dude after working on him FOREVER. It’s not that it was difficult, it was just tedious to stitch that much of one colour. Now I’m working on a pangolin that has much more variation


I made a little glass campfire! It’s on my work desk now, next to a hedgehog Kevin made me. I think I’m gonna keep expanding it. Next I’m gonna make a little log for the hedgehog to sit on next to the fire, and a marshmallow on a stick.

Dave, for some reason I can’t see any of those pictures except the guitar and the one of john lennon. Ordinarily I would just let it go but I’m really interested in how one makes one’s lawn mower unnecessary :slight_smile:

I made a pair of baby changing tables for two friends that I finished in April, but making one more now for my sister-in-law. Wood is ash. It’s a knock-down construction so I could put it in the mail, although I learned that USPS won’t ship if it’s over 70 lbs. Had a coupon for UPS though.

2019-04-16 05.49.56.jpg



those look amazing Mike!

This was a few months ago now, but I also painted my son Rigby’s little push bike (he asked for purple and yellow, I was more than happy to make that happen)

Now that I have all the required parts in from China, I have also been working on the Roland CNC again. Since the old spindle motor died, I decided to upgrade from it’s original 100w AC/DC universal motor to a 500w brushless DC motor with proper electronic speed controller so that it will have a fair bit more cutting power and the CNC controller will be able to control the spindle speed.

the new motor is very quiet and compact, but because it is 5x more powerful and it is smaller, It runs pretty hot. So I decided I would make a heatsink for it to help keep it cool. The stock for the heatsink is actually sitting on the table in the metal shop right now, you can see it on the spy cam because I forgot to put it away before leaving tuesday, oops. I got it turned down to the finished 3.500" OD from the 4" stock I was able to grab from the scrap pile at work and parted it off from the bar to just over finished length so I can face it off to final length after turning it around. I also borrowed some big morse taper drills from work to speed up boring out the ID since the hive doesn’t have any drills that fit in our tailstock over 1/2". Does anyone know if there are slitting saws hiding in the hive somewhere? I know we have an arbor, but haven’t seen the actual saws, and I’ll need one to part the turned heatsink into the halves to clamp around the motor.

I also had to design/make a mount to replace the original motor mount in the machine since this motor is a different form factor (this is what I posted about milling aluminum on the big CNC).

My projects are a little more work focused… Two prototypes that both seem to be working great. ATTiny461 based Flex fuel sensor converter and Arduino-derived OBD2 Pass through packet injector. Yay!

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Awesome project Dave B !!! I wish I had the cpu and programming knowledge to go along with the mechanical side.

I am back on 2 feet and am as happy as one can be after so many ups and downs from ongoing surgeries. My current project is some kydex and carbon fiber/kevlar parts for my hobbies.

I was also wondering if the shapokeo is up and running by chance, I have some small pieces in brass, aluminum, and stainless that I need to do minor etching/engraving on. I may even need some help if anyone would be interested in helping out with a file for the cnc router to rough shape out a wooden stock for a late 1700s early 1800s flintlock muzzleloader.

I am also having to get work done on my home network and cameras as the sticky fingered a#$ hats broke into 2 of our vehicles slong with snagged packages lol. Perfect timing for the camera’s to be down.

Awesome work everyone!

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An update on my Heatsink: I made a lot of chips last night

What did you use to cut the fin grooves?





I used one of the parting tools we have that was ~0.121" wide. I touched off the surface at the location for the first groove, set DRO to 0.000", and plunged in 0.500" for each groove, moving over 0.200" for each fin/groove.

Are we still doing this share your projects thread? I have an update on my heatsink build for the Roland, it’s all done and installed! I have not run it yet to see how it affects the temps.

If it works half as well as it looks, it will be one cool runner.







Of course! That looks super perfessional. I recently teared into my motorcycles starter because it wasn’t working (I’ve been roll starting it for the past week) and got to cleaning everything for replacement brushes.