VOTE - Small Tool storage.

Small Tool Storage is on sale at Home Depot.This is a Husky brand 52 inch tool cabinet for $598
It is as sturdy as any other storage I’ve seen.
It could hold most all of the tools on the small tool shelving.
Please approve the expenditure of $650 to include tax

I vote yes

I vote yes

I vote yes. This could go a LONG way to helping organize our tool crib.

Just as input from having a husky pro, harbor freight pro, and snap on, would we be open to another brand. The harbor freight pro models have way better weight capacity as well as the option to add side hanging boxes. My main box from the shop was harbor freights copy of snap ons classic serries and I have top, bottom, and 2 side cabniets hanging from it and to move it use a flatbed tow truck and winch lol.

I know we do not have many obstacles at the hive but if we ever move the casters, welds, drawer rollers, etc have done way way better than my husky pro. I had to weld angle iron around the bottom from a caster moynt caving in just movin bay to bay and bumping into an electric cord. Then if the sheet metal buckle opening and closing drawers requires a lot of work to get going again. I def vote yes for a box, out of town right now with family i can send links when back at the room.

Hello My Name is Dave and I’m a Nerd. Read my spreadsheet if you dare.

At the risk of starting, a mines bigger better than yours. Here is a comparison between the Home Depot Husky and Harbor Freight US General
The choice is not just between good enough at a lower price and better at a bit higher price. The Home depot closeouts win in the price per volume category.

The decision should also consider the tools weight / volume.- ie, is weight a capacity concern?

We are not dealing with a lot of heavy tools. Heavy machine shops are dealing with impact socket wrench sets,spanners, large mill cutters and drills. We have little of that.

Next will the box survive our handling? Are the casters strong enough to support the load? (Probably yes) How many times will we actually need to move the box? (Not often)
Given my limited experience with the hive…Stuff doesn’t move that much. Face it, who of us wants to move a ton of stuff around?

Dollars per cubic inch, HomeDepot Husky is the benchmark.
Dollars per pound capacity Harbor Freight wins in the 44 inch category albeit with a 40% up charge versus volume.

There is something to be said for the 26" Harbor Freight Combo. It’s a lot of capacity and two separate boxes are actually more mobile than one big box.

That said, the key to satisfaction will be our ability to put pictures of tools on the drawer handle then put the tools back into the drawers.

Supplier Brand Cost Cost Per UOM Ratios Width Cu In Weight Cap Link
$ 0.31 $/lb 100%
Home Depot Husky $ 498.00 $ 0.020 $/cu in 100% 41 24954 1600

$ 0.33 $/lb 107%
Home Depot Husky $ 598.00 $ 0.017 $/cu in 84% 52 35767 1800

Harbor Freight US General Base $ 750.00 $ 0.335 $/lb 108% 56 25363 3458
Harbor Freight US General Top $ 410.00 56 15600
$ 1,160.00 $ 0.028 $/cu in 142% 40963

Harbor Freight US General Base $ 430.00 $ 0.277 $/lb 89% 44 14200 2633
Harbor Freight US General Top $ 299.00 44 11700
Subtotal 44 inch $ 729.00 $ 0.028 $/cu in 141% 25900

Harbor Freight US General Combo $ 399.00 $ 0.376 $/lb 121% 26 14600 1060
$ 399.00 26 14600 1060
Subtotal 2 x 26 inch $ 798.00 $ 0.027 $/cu in 137% 29200 2120

Small Tool Storage.xlsx (10.5 KB)

Not intending it to have it be a mines bigger than yours by any means, just listing issues I have come across when rolling various box brands around the hangar and shop. With the us general knock off of the snap on boxes along with the inside track club pricing it can make them very afordable. The other nice thing is you can go with a single lower unit and get the 2 side tall cabinets to bolt in for items best hung or needing vertical storage. I have a 1 inch thinch piece of plywood with a rubber mat for a great work top as well that will take a pounding.

Im jist throwing options out i have ran into with various boxes over the years. The one by the lathe and the other basic craftsman box were throw aways I got for free from the sheet metal getting hit and the doors or lids not opening at the hive. Personaly I am not a fan of tbe light weight double deckers as I have seen multiple tip forward on guys and them start yelling for other people. If we go to a 72" wide heavy duty we could add much more work bench area as well as have permenant storage space above it like this one .

Or even go with the 56" and look at side box to keep a work bench area etc. Im mainly afraid of if the hove moves and a big thin gauge light duty box gets crunched or a caster broken off it can ruin the boxes.

I do 100% agree with a vote to get boxes and was kust trying to point out experiences with the different brands over the years. If we get a 72 single decker with workbench it could be loaded in a truck for events or moved about the hive to add that extra workbench area in the future. I own one of those husky units at the house but about 5 years old. For staying stationary it is great but having such a light base makes her wobbly if we go to move it.