Vote: Sign New Lease and move Hive13 to a new location.

This is a vote to move Hive13 1500 feet south on Spring Grove Ave.

This is because of a combination of an excellent location becoming available and the current location becoming less hospitable to us. The short version is Garden Street is asking for more while offering less, and a new location has offered more for a better value.

As many are aware, the current rent is increasing at 2901. Additionally, for the past year leadership has been working with Garden Street on options to expand the space available to Hive13. This has completely fallen through. Additionally, when Gillian moved out of her studio across from the FabLab we were not given any option to negotiate for that space.

On the topic of the rent increase, with the existing repairs that were made to the building they took the opportunity to raise our rent. There are additional repairs scheduled for this building which will likely mean additional rent increases for tenants at 2901. To further prove this, we had requested options to explore a long term lease but Garden Street does not want to sign anything beyond a 1 year lease. This then leaves them the option to have another rent increase next year.

Garden Street has been a good option for us thus far, and we would likely not be calling for this vote if other option presented itself.

This new opportunity is at 2701 Spring Grove Ave. on the 3rd floor of the old KOI building. This building presents vastly increased space. They are offering a 5 year lease with the option to renew the lease twice with preset pricing.

Overall the move will mean that for 25% more a month in rent, we will receive 70% more space. Additionally, there is a mechanism where we could expand to over 4 times our current size with little more than adjusting the monthly rent cost.

The new space is entirely concrete which will give us the ability to safely add additional hot work areas. It has an attached parking lot so street parking will no longer be required. There is a freight elevator access and multiple stairwells. The first floor is ADA accessible, which means individuals with wheel chairs can gain access to the space. A freight elevator is not ADA complaint, but makes it possible for wheelchair access to the space which we currently do not have. Quite hours will be eliminated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far. It is a big decision and a large undertaking. But the hard financial details of this option is that we are we are currently paying $1600 a month in rent for 4100 sqr feet in the Anchor building. The KOI building is offering us 7000 sqr feet for $2042 a month. If we sign the lease, we will get access to the space on March 1st to begin setup and buildout, and begin paying rent on June 1st. The option exists to increase the footage at a decreasing per square foot cost up to 17,000 square feet.

We can afford this move and still continue adding new tools and capabilities, and I encourage you to check the finance web site to verify this statement, but we can afford what I’m about to ask for.

So here is goes.

I’m asking for:

$15,000 to cover moving and buildout cost.

2k for moving machines

$6k electrical buildout

$4k wall/space buildout

$3k kitchen (cabinets, counters, sink)

Agree to the $442 monthly rent increase

Additionally, we will need people to assist with the move and build out. Leadership has been working on plans and layouts for the space. Others who are interested are welcome take part in the process. We have tentative plans to move in stages over the 3 months. The expectation is that it is possible to accomplish this without significant down time of equipment. This will be a whole community effort. But the opportunities it presents are immense.

From all of the discussions we have had with the potential new landlords this appears to be amazing opportunity that has fallen in our lap.

Leadership has had way more conversations about the details and possibilities than we can provide in one wall of text. Please ask questions. We either already know the answer and will share it, or will need to add it to the list of items that we get answers for.

Will B

Sounds like an awesome opportunity!!! Awesome leg work on tracking this all down. I have my pickup and a trailer for when the move takes place

Vote yes, will make my truck available, will call in favor for 24’ rollback if necessary.

A picture says 1000 words. Here are 77 photosphere images I took on our walkthrough of the space.

You have to use your imagination to envision it without all the shelving. It is immense! Some of these photos extend beyond the area that we are proposing to lease up front but most of them are within the area ultimately available to us.

Is the space insulated enough that it can be made comfortable during hot and cold and damp weather?

I’m not saying it has to be shirtsleeves in winter, but how are heating and cooling provided, and what kind of cost increase are we talking about?



Also, will this raise the dues?

Utilities are included in rent. It should be warm enough. HIVE13 will do A/C similar to now. It is a middle floor so floor and ceiling are interior space. The place is on the north of the building so sun load is lower.

Dues will remain the same. Though a number of us are stepping up our membership to the $100 cornerstone level in support of this move effort. Your continued support is appreciated.

Thanks for your prompt response.

Are there any plans regarding venting the woodshop dust, welding & sodering fumes and finishing/painting spray booth (not, I expect OSHA certified) overspray?

I vote “Yes”.

All needed infrastructure is part of move in planning. Vote yes to move is the first step. The rest follows afterwards.


I vote yes. Love the no "quite" hours.

Btw my company charges $80/hr for electrical and plumbing work, if running MC cable everywhere gets too tiring.

I vote YES.

I vote Yes. Thank you for putting this all together and making it an easy decision. I am also looking forward to helping in anyway the Hive needs.

I vote yes. Thanks for all the work and effort.

I vote yes, I will also assist where I can.


I am going to go on the record now with a vote of “YES!”

As a warden and a member of the leadership I have been closely involved in the exploration of new opportunities all the way back to last May. It is very clear to me that 2929 Spring Grove, though it has served us remarkably well until now, is ship that has sailed. The latest move of the landlord renting a room within our space without giving us the option to take it ourselves is all I need to see.

2701 Spring Grove is about as close to a unicorn as we can hope to find. The new opportunities it presents to Hive13 make me giddy with excitement. The opportunity for future growth is almost staggering.

Building out the new space ahead of our move is going to take a lot of work, coordination and cooperation. I hope that everyone will vote “yes” and that everyone will also understand that this move MUST INVOLVE THEM! Please don’t be the tactless person who votes yes and then waits to show up at the open house to celebrate the move!

Dave Schwinn
Electronics Warden
Board of Directors

Can we get drunk and pull network wire again? Asking for a friend.

I think we can do that whether we move or not… haha