Vote (interest poll) Feb. 7th - Trial use of the new space for 3 months

Time to decide what we’ll experiment using the new space as! We will get access to the space tomorrow, Feb. 1. There are some people working on a couple logistics like locks in the meantime. This email actually contains important info, so please read it. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is going to be a less-then-formal “vote”. The primary point of this “vote” is just to gauge interest on a primary idea to try for a few months. Based on the amount of interest for each idea, we will also likely combine a few of them and try out a hybrid use of the space (which will be a beneficial and efficient use of the space). Through actually using that space in the coming months, we’ll gain a better understanding for what we want to use the space for more permanently. This is an experiment; anything that doesn’t work out, can change, and anything that we realize would be great, can be added later. It is also likely that different ideas will need some work done on the space to make them feasible, so please keep in mind that these things won’t happen overnight. :wink:

This will be similar to votes for the Board of Directors. Each member will get 3 “points” to vote with (it will be 3 questions on an online survey) to put towards their favourite idea(s). You can vote for 3 different ones, or all the same one if you’re excited about a particular option. There will be a “write in” category, too, for ideas that were not previously discussed here. If you want to “write in” an idea, I encourage you to post about it on this thread, so that others will know about it and could “write in” that idea as well. This is also the place to post pros and cons to ideas (the discussion before the vote in person on Feb. 7th). I might make a google doc to encompass those pros and cons in one list.

If you submit an idea on this thread by tonight, it will appear on the poll automatically (no need for “write in”). Here are the current ideas that will be appearing on the poll (some previously mentioned ideas were removed by the proposer i.e. moving the lounge … because of the noise curfew and the location of the new space, it doesn’t make sense to do so and would make the lounge less functional):

A stable classroom space
Paint booth

Moving the fab lab
Moving the meeting area
Memeber storage space
Large project storage space
Moving ALL storage

A general “art” space (sewing, paint, etc.)

If you would like to vote REMOTELY or BEFORE the vote in person: email me or leadership privately so we can send you the link, which will be available tomorrow. (this helps prevent non-members from voting on an open poll link). This is also the way elections have typically been done in the past.

Thanks all!

President | Hive13

So for clarification, members that can't make it to the meeting tonight we vote tomorrow and not today, or is everyone voting via this link tomorrow?

The vote happens next week, Feb. 7th.

Please send me the link

I’d like the link, please.



for clarification:

Memeber storage space
Large project storage space
Moving ALL storage

what are the differences here? is member storage space meant to represent the cornerstone members? or members who pay for storage space there?

what does large project storage space represent? is this like PTDR? or if a member has a large project (ie the big console game boxes)?

moving all storage - is this encompass all of the above, plus metal, electronics, tools, and wood storage? does this include the tools on the left of the back bench and under it? or would it only include some of things on that shelving unit? does it include the books etc from the lounge? the wood and filament from the fab lab?

Also of relevance - who is going to be moving all the stuff? are we hiring movers (because, lets face it, some members can’t even move stuff from a locker to a box in a timely manner)? who is going to be organizing it and what is the method of organization? what is the timeline for getting things moved into the room and out of the hive? what are the consequences of members not moving their things??


Tiffany’s got a good point, we don’t necessarily want to turn this into voluntelling if possible.

I’ll volunteer to build the paint booth if that wins, since Ryan and I have been championing that idea. I’ll see about the other projects/moving, time permitting.

Unfortunately with some of the storage options it’s difficult to experiment because it would require us to acquire duplicate storage racks, which we don’t have. I’m not sure how we handle moving member storage if members don’t cooperate. It would be one thing if that was a permanent solution, but it’s something else when we might move it all back again.

Are there any other volunteers to complete any of the other tasks?

As I see it, at the moment the only responsible vote from the list provided, that would not be voluntelling is the paint booth as Andrew has volunteered to take on this task.

Would it also not be a more responsible vote to tie a startup cost to these tasks?

I would hope that before members vote on any tasks, that they see a volunteer to complete the task and a cost that would be associated with the startup as we would before funding any other hive project.

Here I go voluntelling lol, Andrew would you be able to come up with a cost for a paint booth and a hive start up cost prior to the vote Tuesday, I imagine this would help with the transparency on a hive startup of a paint booth?

1.) are we still waiting on the poll links?
2) To answer Tiffany in a what i would assume would be correct:

Memeber storage space: so we would add rows of shelving to store the member’s box’s and remove them from the main area.
Large project storage space: This was originally my Idea, and this could be as simple as tapped off areas that large projects are stored on the ground. (or on a skid etc) on a first come first serve system

Moving ALL storage: I would assume this would be all member storage, all boxes of wires and such, the vertical wood storage, cabinets, fire cabinets, etc…

3.) If we get Large Storage I will volunteer to Organize the Large Storage area. Funding for this would be $0 as we have a lot of masking tape.

So here is a summary of what I gathered from the other posts, any other volunteers, ideas, voluntelling?

Idea: Paint Booth
Volunteer: Andrew - Purchase Materials and Build Paint Booth
Cost: $50 plus junction, pipe, a quick disconnect, and some hose

Idea: Large Project Storage
Volunteer: Daniel - Organize a Team
Cost: Hive Labor

Again, just reiterating to people that this is more of an interest poll and for each, no matter what, there will be logistics (including manpower, money, time, alterations to the space, etc., just like all other hive spaces that have seen improvements over the years). This has no money attached to it in any way shape or form right now. However it is a good idea to keep resources a consideration in these ideas. This is also an experiment to see what we can do with the resources we currently have, and might go forward with in the future. What works and doesn’t work we will find out by actually trying to do these things. This just gives us a basis for what we would like to do in general as a group, so we don’t have a million ideas trying to compete with each other at the same time in a totally disorganized and unproductive manner… We will all work with the most popular ideas to see what is actually feasible, and work out specifics once it is narrowed down a little bit. If we find a popular idea just won’t work, we can move on to the next one that is more possible. Honestly, if something gets a lot of votes but no one ends up actively going forward with it… then I guess it wasn’t going to happen/wasn’t actually that popular of an idea in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:

These are the things for discussion; they do not have an answer right now. That is the point of this whole post, to discuss things like this.

The only thing I did was organize ideas from the list previously posted, as well as ideas from meeting minutes for the last month. That is all.

As far as volunteering: I will personally volunteer to help with the set up of a classroom space and an “art” space (including a paint booth set up).

John and Paul: I will send you the link right now. I missed seeing your requests until now, since they weren’t emailed to me or leadership. If you can’t complete it “in time” before the meeting ends, I’ll extend the vote until your answers are in, since you asked earlier this week.

There was a reason why I made some parts bolded and red :wink: it’s hard to follow all the mailing list activity, and messages can easily be lost in a thread.

If there is anyone else who needs the link to vote remotely, let me know!

I did email you directly…

Weeeiiirrrddd. I see that email as a post replying to this thread, all mussed up in the rest of the responses to the whole list. My apologies. You should have the link now, however. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

When will we see the official results?

Heh “official” :slight_smile:

I will make a little chart or list in the next day or so. I realize with the way the questions were made and how the site works I’ll need to manually add up each question’s response to get the totals for each option.

For general results, it looks like we will be trying to move the meeting area, and combine it for a paint booth, art area, classroom space, etc. a nice combination :slight_smile:

Okay, cool. I’ll put up a proposal for a temporary paint booth. I’m pushing a bit, since I want to get things up so we can vote next week. Doesn’t sound like anything else requires any funding.

I think there are a few of us that are personally interested in helping set up the paint booth and possibly funding it (or part of it at least). This is a great way to get projects going that aren’t too big.

I would love to help get this going physically, and also I’ll chip in some money myself. Is anyone else interested in helping fund this bit by bit?

Might be best to start a new thread on this, or continue this discussion on the existing “paint booth” thread.

Thanks for being so… creative… with your write in ideas everyone… Here is the combined tally of responses, in most popular order.

1) A combined classroom, meeting space, lounge, art gallery, place for open mikes, performances, show and tell, lan-parties, get togethers, crafts and anything else that we could think of to do away from the noisy, dirty work area: 13 points

2) Moving the meeting area: 12 points
3) Paint booth: 10 points

  • (write in) sex dungeon: 9 points (NO)
  • Member storage space: 7 points
  • A stable classroom space: 6 points
  • Moving the Fab lab: 5 points
  • A general “art” space (sewing, paint, etc.): 5 points
  • Large project storage: 4 points
  • Moving ALL storage: 3 points
  • (Write in) Lounge + fab lab: 1 point
  • (Write in) Electronics: 1 point
  • (Write in) Shower: 1 point (NO)

The first three that are bolded are what we are going to try to work with right now. Considering the top idea was a total combination of several others, we’ve got a good basis to start working on things. Now comes the logistics. We might find that to do these things we will need to utilize different parts of the space. If we want to keep the other room “mess free” we might consider putting the paint booth in a different location; by moving the meeting area we will be freeing up some space to work with, or we could set up some temporary walls (think cubicle style) to protect/enclose more fully the paint booth space, etc. This will be an evolution.

Can’t wait to start this experiment!!


WTF? A sex dungeon would establish a realistic noise floor. The tenant upstairs would no longer be able to complain about tools above _____ dB as long as we could get someone to make that much noise while fucking. This seems like an excellent idea.