Vote - Additional $10,000 for the Move to 2701

Our Move Plan authorized $15,000 for build out at 2701.

We have spent roughly $12,000 of this.

Leadership has identified an additional $10,000 of expenses that we need to authorize now.

These are:

$5500 for the duct work that is installed.

$4256 for service to the W & Z electrical panels

The total requested in this vote is $10,000.

I vote yes.

would the A/C option be possible with this, or is that another vote?
We do have all the window units, maybe we can just have the lounge be a “cool” room.

I vote yes

This vote budget would be for the following high priority items that we need to get operational ASAP:

  • High Priority (must happen now):
    • Electrical Panels W and Z mains connection
    • HVAC Ductwork bill (already installed)
    • dust collection and fume extraction blowers and ducting
    • sinks (kitchen and wash sinks)
      Next year (and following) we will need to put up separate votes for:
  • Lower Priority:
    • Air conditioning
    • Doors on spaces
    • Kitchen
      It’s worth noting that in our projections of the finances we did when we voted for doing the larger space, we accounted for a total of $25k for build, but only put the $15k up for vote. We had hoped to get in for $15k, but knew at the time this extra $10k may be needed.


Kevin M.

I also vote YES.

I vote YES.


can we have a “make sale” (like bake sale, get it ha!) when this is all done as both a publicity stunt and fundraiser?

We would love to be set up for Made-In-Camp, a Camp Washington artists Open House in October.

If only “we” could get this damn virus under control.

Yes from me



I vote Yes!


I vote YES.

I vote a big 'ole yes.

Yes, of course

I vote yes

John O = yes

It is a yes from me.

For sure!

Just to be clear; that was a yes vote. I’ll be more clear in the future

Bump - This comes up for a vote count on Tuesday.

By the way - I vote Yes.