Tshirt pre-orders

Hey everyone,

In preparation for the makerfair and open house we are going to get a reprint of our general Hive shirt. For this specific order we will be doing black shirts with white lettering to match the existing shirts. The front has our logo and the back image is attached (impossible gears corrected).

Shirts will be between $10 and $15 each. Please post on this thread if you want to pre-order a shirt, specifying the size and number you want. Deadline for pre-orders is Monday. August 10.

Lastly, there has been requests for another run of shirts that aren’t black (for working in the sun without melting!). We’ve tossed around other ideas for color combos, and that will be discussed and ordered on a different thread.




I would like to order one large.


We’d probably get 2 in another color, possibly a kids one if we can order one for Oliver.

I need 2 3x men’s and (if you can) a woman’s cut in large. (I think the shirt style is a “babydoll cut” or “girly tee” I have heard both terms)

2 shirts in XL size, please.


I will need a 3x, my dad a 2x or xl depending on how big they run lol and katie a small or medium. Also I know a seperate discussion will be done for the worker shirts but the fluorescent yellow ones are awesome for non greasy volunteer work. I have used them in the past for events and its very easy to find people from your group plus yellow shirt with black screen print would fit colors and be cheap. "they also hide sweat well for us harder (bigger lol) workers. either way count us in on shirts just my 2 cents from previous competitions and events with other organizations :slight_smile: Plus the bright yellow screams Im a big deal and with the event

Alright, just to be extra clear, these are just general unisex tshits. For sizing think Gildan or Jersees. We could probably grab some power tool drag racing shirts to hold here for people to try on if you are concerned for sizing.

I was not planning on getting different cuts or styles in this order, as that will be expensive, and different types tend to be finiky for sizing.

Any questions, just let me know!

Ok so revision: two 3x and 1 medium for me then.

Awesome, thanks for understanding! Trying to keep this uniform and simple! :slight_smile:

I’ll take 2 of the 2XL (2XLT if you’ve got it). p.s. In most cases 2XL is NOT the same as XXL.

I will take 2x medium one. I hope it will be printed before I leave the country!


1 3XL for me please.

Oh wait, Jordan would probably like one. So make that 1 large and 1 3XL.

One small for me. Thanks!

I’ll take two XL tshirts please.

One large for me. They going to have kids sizes?

Count me in for two large, please!


I’ll take an XL, please. I’d also be on board for getting kids/toddler sizes in the future, like Tiffany suggested.


Ian Mathews

Small and a large for Emily & I

I would like to put in an order for 2 mediums. :smiley: