Tool stands, project stands, stands, stands, and more stands lol

I am wanting to move along with fabricating stands for hive equipment in the welding room and also anywhere else desired. I know people who have talked to me about it had some really cool designs they wanted in place and specifically with the metal band saw. I will use this as means for input on wants and want not’s so I can figure out materials needed. Wherever a specific stand is needed outside of that room for projects or whatever I will be glad to help with as well.

Not to be a downer, but is there space? The metal room is overcrowded as it stands. Will these be on wheels/castors or otherwise easily mobile?

It will be replacing the existing stand that is caving in on itself on the harbor freight one for the main stand needed and it will have wheels for moving like the project being done now with the piping, second stand needed is one to get the blast cabinet at an ergomatic height and working properly rather than laying on the floor in there, of course wheels on that as well and I would also look at making a stand/holder that our plasma cutter could slide into on the side of the welding table and holster it. I do not want to go on a director of adding clutter or bulking things up I’m just shooting for gaining space and functionality while having a secure place to keep things.

Awesome! Thanks a lot for doing this!

Is there anything specific that you would like to see in that room personally in making things workable? I’m looking for any and all input especially if there is a certain project that you personally work on in there that would make life easier

Sounds awesome! No ideas, just wanted to say thx!

Thank you Kevin,

That a good news! I want to build a stand for the shapeoko for a long time. I have all the material and the design ( really basic). I was just waiting for someone that knows how to weld it!

I can give you more info if you want.


Julien, Next time I run into you down there give me the info on want you want and ill get ya taken care of. If you have any specific times you go down let me know on here or you can email me @ or text me at 513-478-4858

Also I dono what the hive is looking towards in the future for welding but eastwood has their 200 amp AC and DC Tig welder on sale. AC means its capable of aluminum :slight_smile: I personally have been rocking an eastwood mig welder for some years now that has an aluminum spool gun with it and honestly their stuff is amazing for the price. I have used mine in a shop environment for everything from roll cages, lift kits, frames, and body work and yeah they stand behind their products. Its basically a in between going from harborfrieght to miller stuff. Quaility wise equal to a hobart or Lincoln. Don’t get me wrong I love miller and had one of their entry level migs and sold it to buy a welder from eastwood that was 4x the welder and they have any parts needed for it one phone call away or at local welding supply shops for consumables. I have an extra gas tank to bring down if we got a second welder going, here is the link . If tig is not something the hive is looking towards if any of the “metal workers” of the hive want to get a pool together to have one down there im in and for anyone wanting to learn how to tig I will gladly help ya out. I know this is off tangent and someone may correct me if a new thread is needed for this. Dam new people lol

That’s really cheap. The Miller units I was looking at:

Also looking at adding a water cooled torch.

Or maybe a


I vote yes. For tig. I want to learn so bad!

I have a complete set of oxy act torches both cutting and all the welding tips I can supply if they get the tanks, most of it is all Harris stuff too so it’s not the cheap shit that will flashback. And the newer units are nice I’ve owned them but for the money I would have never paid off investing in the one I wanted for a while when i owned my shop and gave Eastwood a try after numerous recommendations from aircraft builders, race car owners and plain old fabricators and not to be Eastwood s poster child lol but honestly being used daily in a shop for years and only having to replace consumables and a nozzle cone that got crushed welding a suspension lol it kicked ass. And they do that 3 year full warranty now that kicks ass. I even gave up on ebay for other welding equipment from them due to their phone support being awesome and cutting deals when they could. And +1 for water cooled torch :slight_smile:

And tiff that unit comes with the pedal control that makes it super easy over the hand controlled ones with gloves on. It would be a easy unit to learn on

OK, so what we need to do is propose purchasing one and any consumables on Tuesday and vote (is it the following Tuesday?). :slight_smile: so come up with a proposed budget for it for Tuesday!

I will do my best on it if you have anyone else you are close with at the hive please contact them if they have any input on this subject. I would love to make sure it’s ok with the group and what the group wants. I am always open to the good and the bad as well as any criticism so whatever Support or negativity is welcome. even if budget wise they can’t afford the Machine. I’d like to see what they could put towards it and hopefully get some donations to cover the rest. I will gladly donate a full size air tank for the welder we purchase so that will save quite a bit on that end and we won’t have to lease a tank. and of course back on the topic of this thread it looks like a badass to stand / welding cart will be in the works for it if all goes well :slight_smile:

The eastwood TIG is impulse buy cheap. Have you actually used it, Kevin? I’ve bought other stuff from Eastwood before that worked out really well, but no welders.

Reviews seem mostly positive. Quite a few DOA type deals I found, but Eastwood has good customer service. The flex line gets a lot of criticism. For the money, it seems like a very solid deal.

Buddy of mine that works for a race shop welding all day owns one of these as his personal TIG for doing roll cages, turbo manifolds, intercooler piping, etc.:

He’s used the Eastwood unit before.

“It’s ehh ok ty has one I honestly hated the pedal but that may have been just because used to a normal one. What are your intentions with it? Like welding heavy stuff or small jobs? mostly small Yea that would be good for smaller stuff here and there. I wouldn’t use it everyday though”

I personally own eastwood welders only in mig. I have not use one of their TIG welding machine however from what I’ve read for the money it will do way more than what the hive will ever needed to do.

As far as the material thickness goes even when repairing heavy farm equipment and truck frames from f150s to semi’s mostly the thickest I dealt with was 1/4 inch thick and that is laying a crazy strong puddle that structurally would pass any inspection… with that said if someone were using something thicker than that at the hive it would be suitable to weld and hold the parts together especially if the faces are v cut and layered with the weld or gussets. Also welding .5 inch and larger parts to where the structure requires something with full penetetration is needed is ultra rare and likely something a lot larger than would ever be in the hive. Some of the welders that were in my courses in college work construction welding jobs where a main I beam has to me welded in but they always use ultra high amp mig or stick welders. Main reason I would see for the TIG at the hive is ultra precise welds for projects especially the aluminium aspect that I admit I’ll have some time to get used to that again but the ac voltage option is there to repair,mend,or build from scratch with aluminum. That combined with the mill when fixed and the cnc will make so much stuff from custom metal parts to fix/enhance other machines/custom tooling and outright parts and projects that will be around longer than we will live likely lol.