The Name

What's in a name? It should be short. Preferably one word. I don't
think we should worry too much about what other people are going to
think of the name. That just stifles creativity.

Electronics Related:

Three Phase
Circuit Foundry
(for the older phreaks) 513

More general:


I like Crucible, but some people might want to avoid it as an arts-
oriented non-profit in California has the same name.
Despite being (sort of) an electronics guy, I don't much like the
electronics names. Some just seem too ambiguous; others seem like
names you'd give a big boring office.
What about something like Foundry? It has a few meanings that seem
appropriate. Of course, so might Forge, depending on members...

what about incorporating 513 into the name? perhaps in some sort of quasi-labor union motif? like bakers local 513 or tinkers local 513.

Crucible is an interesting name…

I would be down for 513 if we can tie it into some form or leet speak :slight_smile:


Hypocri 513 (aka Hypocrisie)
Ball 513
Art 513


I really liked xaphans idea of “The Bakery: Prepare to be assimilated” lol

To avoid confusion with an other group with the crucible name, just add 513:


And that makes is a unique name, and I just like the sound of it. Say
it out load.

Hodapp wrote:

513forge has an interesting ring to it.

plus there’s branding for the inevitible northern kentucky and dayton franchises :slight_smile:

Say it out loud? Is that Crucible-five-one-three or Crucible-five-
thirteen or Crucible-five-hundred-thirteen?
(Not criticizing though. I like this and I like 513forge).

I setup a moderator poll

Feel free to add more suggestions and vote for the names you like.

i like “five one three”, but if not, you could pretend it was “ZIE” like the way germans in WWII movies pronounce “the”

then it would sound like some spy movie villain talking about “zie forge”.

Foundry 513.

Kinda has a City 17 ring to it.

513Forge++ (Zie Forge!!)

It is a german town…

i also suggested hive13 (hive one three) on the google moderator page.

So far 513Forge and Hive13 are in a tie on the poll. I really like both of these, although I think more ppl would get the Hive13 reference before they realize it is pronounced Zie Forge :slight_smile:

I think the 513forge is cool. Area code + a fiery kiln where pure product comes out to change the course of technology in its day. Granted, hive13 has the twinge of killer bees which are in reality scary as hell. I vote the first though. My two cents…

I have to agree about "Crucible" not being quite right. It comes off
a little too literary or liberal-arts. I like the thought-process
though. HEY, how about that?! "Thought Process"?

Should voting continue until next meeting? At what point are we going to have a cutoff?


I think we should keep talking and voting until we find something
cool. So far Hive13 is my favorite but I keep thinking of ideas of my
own, too. Nothing worth sharing yet though :slight_smile:

That’s a good question. I was thinking maybe just until Friday. I don’t know why we need to keep the poll open… I personally like immediate gratification. :slight_smile: