The Anchor Building

We found a very promising space in Camp Washington:

In short, 3500sq ft (61x57) with two separated areas, a kitchen (but no appliances) and a bathroom. Pictures, rough floorplan, etc:

I would like to put together a larger group to go see the space, perhaps as early as Saturday morning. Can people make themselves available?


Oooo. I like. What time Saturday morning?

i’m in.

I think I can come too. I’ve got most of Saturday open (before dinner), and I could do Sunday as long as it’s in the AM.


I would like to come, but I work saturday mornings until about 12:00 pm, Sunday morning would work for me though.

Hello, hive crew!

I might be able to help, here. My arcade business resides in the
basement of the same building and I can vouch for just how great the
space you're looking at is. We've been in the Anchor for nearly two
years, now. The landlord(s) are great guys and the location is
excellent. I'd venture to guess your group is going for something
along the same lines of NYC Resistor? If so, then the space seems
ideally suited for that.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Tinkerer at trade, hacker
by heart, here, so I'd welcome the opportunity to be a part of
hive13. In my other day job I do a bit of uC work as well as app
development. I'm currently in the process of migrating the electronic
lab to the shop from the house. Might also have a few neat projects
and some interesting hardware to donate to the cause.

Kris Sandrick

Thanks for your input, Kris! We had heard about your business and knew there must be some kindred spirits around. Any and all makers are welcome :slight_smile:

As far as the rest goes, I’m going to be giving Doug (one of the landlords) a call this afternoon to set up an additional viewing, likely Saturday morning. I’m going to ask for around 10am, depending on his availability. I will send another message when I have more details.


Wow, it has a basketball hoop also!!? I should be able to go.

welcome playertwo!

jasonb: do you think the noise concern could be addressed with insulation? i have heard of soundproofing with egg cartons and drink carriers, or just with air gaps in walls with alternating studs. perhaps a good first project could be soundproofing the power tool area? commercial soundproofing foam is expensive, but the pinkstuff is pretty cheap, anyone know if it does anything for deadening sound?

another concern with having a residence above the space is electrical. is there a danger of us blowing a fuse and knocking out the neighbor’s electricity?

should we meet at the space at 10?

Oh, wow. If we are going to be just upstairs from Kris than we simply cannot find a better place.

I have some good ideas for sound deadening. Insulation is not as good as one might expect, especially for things like power tools. Much of the sound comes from physical vibration of solid stuff like tables and the floor rather than traveling through the air.

Actually I did speak to Doug about this specifically and he indicated in exchange for a longer lease term he would be open to installation of sound proofing; his primary concern was that anything installed had to be fire rated (sorry, no egg cartons and the like.) So, he’s open to us doing that sort of thing.

Don’t plan on a specific time to meet, yet, as I have not yet spoken to Doug.


Unfortunately, the hoop's been taken down. I tried to call "dibs" on
it but the former occupant was in the process of taking it down when I
stopped by the other day. I guess they brought it with them.


Sure thing, Jason. I'm looking forward to the possibility of having
the hive as a neighbor!

re: kindred spirits in the building, what gave it away? The giant
robot sculptures in the lobby? heh

Doug would certainly know best in terms of what's available in the
infrastructure for power, etc. but I know they're STILL uncovering and
finding things they weren't aware of. Based on the giant xfmrs and
junction boxes throughout the lower levels and the large "steel mill"
section at the other end, I have no doubt there's uber-power available
though it might require some extra wiring be done.

Ventilation would be critical, though, so as not to fume up the
apartment resident above the space. I might be able to help on this,
as well. A former client runs a portable lab biz and might have a
salvage fume hood we can scrounge up.

This is exciting! I'm already looking forward to your grand opening
bash. The bar built by the former occupant would be ideal for this.

Oh, and hello, Karl! I'm infiltrating yet another one of your
organizations. heheheh


Yeah, we would need to approach everything with a consideration of the residential unit upstairs, including things like fumes etc. I don’t think anyone is planning anything hardcore with regards to painting etc, so we should be OK.

I’ve spoken to Doug. We are a go for Saturday morning at 10am.

Attending I have:

Floyd (? real name)

Anyone else?

I'll probably be around, getting caught up on some projects. I'd like
to tag along and learn more about your potential plans for the space,
if I could.


Not a problem at all, Kris!

I will attempt to be there.