The Anchor Building

Anybody wanna carpool? Got room for 3 passengers.


I am coming for sure unless something crazy happens. I'd be up for
carpooling if anyone will be around my area (right off of 50 in
mariemont). Should we all just meet up on-site otherwise?

Uh, we met at the building on Saturday 6/6 (3 days ago).

We do have a meeting tonight, however, at 7pm at Taza.

Also in the Anchor Building
@ 750/month.

Yeah, we toured that space first. It was too small, oddly appointed, and the pool table was actually completely in the way in the main room. Also, it’s on the 2nd floor at the top of a long flight of stairs, has only one small standard door, and a shared bathroom. And the breaker panel was in the next door residential unit.

In short, not quite what we’re looking for :slight_smile: