Temporary Project Storage Renewal - March

It’s time to renew your temporary woodshop storage slots. I’m doing this a bit early to allow people who are not using their slots to remove their materials before the end of March. This will allow for an entire month to make plans to remove your materials.

On March 31st all materials left in unnewed slots will be moved to the scrap pile to allow for people on the waiting list to use their new slots.

Further as woodshop warden is it my responsibility to make sure that people are using the space for temporary project storage and not as long term storage. As such I will be requesting all members who are renewing to name one project they have used their slot for in the past 3 months, including anything planned for March.

Since I’ve got a slot you can use this as an example of how to indicate you’d like to renew.
Currently I have slot 8, I’d like to renew, I used my slot to store project materials for the thickness planer stand and also for the dust collection.

Yep. Renew me.

Made shelves and drawers for my closet a few days ago.
Will be making box & shelves to hold electronics trays.


Perfect, thanks Lorin, you’re renewed.

Renew mine

made wood gears, Cincinnati Skyline, cornices, etc

Done, thanks.

renew me

renew me
a sunglass/glasses holder
several boxes for various other projects

Done, thanks.

please renew Mike and I’s. started making a box. Made bench with shoe storage for our house. I’d like to finish the upper portion of it (adding cubbies/storage above it)

Done, and I’ve added your name to the slot as well as Mike’s.

Renew mine, and I am currently making a enclosure for 1 of my 3d printers


Renew mine please.

I’ve made bookmarks, letters for wedding presents, some engravings, etc.
In March I want to finally finish the world map artwork for my apartment. Everything’s already cut haha just needs to be stained and assembled.

Thanks for keeping up on this :slight_smile:

You’re renewed Elly.

Renew me. I have been, and will continue for a while, making new windows for my house.

Done, thanks.

In the interest of transparency, and to avoid comments about not giving enough time, I’m updating this thread with the following information: I have sent email of the original post to all the remaining holders of slots, who have not renewed. The only person to not get an email was James Hartley for whom I do not have an email address.

This was done on Feb 28th, and I have gotten no response. At this point all parties have been given over a month’s notice to renew or remove their property.


Currently have not heard from:
Clay Gravil
Jon Neal
James Hartley
Ryan Hersey


I only need my space through April 16. I have a cart I need to assemble. And some other things.

I might be able to get out a week faster if I happen to be in the Hive when someone can help me cut a 4x8 sheet of plywood. Maybe tonight.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to officially communicat with these members?