Temporary Project Storage Renewal - March

We do, it’s the mailing list.

The Mailing list does not have every member, and has NEVER been a requirement of the Hive to be part of. This can not be considered a way to “officially” communicate. :wink:

What are you basing that idea on? The fact that it is the way to officially communicate with members of the hive is the reason why all proposals are put on the list, as well as why people are allowed to remotely vote on the mailing list. It is apparently the only official communication medium.

Now if people are ignoring it, there’s little I can do about that.

Further in this case I’d also point out in this case that it’s been made clear to people that the temporary lumber storage is exactly that, and needs to be renewed everything 3 months. Everybody who’s gotten a slot is aware of this, as well as the fact that the spaces will be expiring in March.

So, what exactly is your point here? Can you explain what you’re attempting say because I’m not getting it.

C’mon guys, play nice. Let’s keep this thread relevant to the topic, okay?

Ok so as a non profit with members, an official way of contact, is a way that can reach all members. This is required for certain legal things. This public forum does not fall under that category. Proposals do not have to goto all members by our bylaws and proposals do not have to posted on this board. By you calling this the official communication method of Sadbee Inc d.b.a. Hive13 leads to a legal issue. The term official is incorrect.

It’s the official message board, and it’s the common way of communication but it’s not the official way of communication to reach all members, that’s a legal area that has alot higher degree.

I’ve sent out a second round of emails to the people who have not responded yet.

I’ve now heard from Ryan and Clay via email who intend to remove their materials.

Jon has contacted me and said that he will have his stuff also removed before the deadline. At this point we should have four vacancies, and three people on the waiting list, which leaves one slot for any new members or old members with a new interest.

Since everybody has been contacted, I’m going to let this thread drop.