Steel Square Tube Group-Buy

Is anyone interested in a group-buy of 1" x 16ga and/or 2" x 16ga steel tubing for welding projects? I need to buy some for myself and to replenish Ryan’s stock I’ve been using for the Glass workbench fume hood, and there is a HUGE price break if I order 25 or more pieces (price per piece drops to nearly 1/3 the price for 5 pcs.).

the prices (assuming we get enough people interested to get 25 pieces) are:

2 in. sq. x 16 ga. x 25ft. - $26.27/pc.
1 in. sq. x 16 ga. x 25ft. - $12.88/pc.

For reference, the 2 in. tube is what we used to build the work tables and welding tables. the 1 in. tube is what the metal storage rack is made out of. This stuff is great for making metal framed furniture, and easy to learn to weld on. If you are not already certified to weld at Hive13, but have an idea for a project, let me know and we can schedule to get you certified.

Please let me know if you have interest in this group buy, and what quantities you want. I’ll probably have it delivered to my work and bandsaw cut down to ~8ft sections to make it easier to transport (unless you specifically want yours left in longer sections).


Kevin M.


I’d be in for 12 of the 1” and 1 of the 2”. Cut to 8’+ is okay.

And I would like to do the welding certification. I want to build a few racks.

Thank you!


Im in!

Awesome, just let me know quantities. We are close to hitting the 1" minimum, but pretty far from the 2" minimum.

8 x1" and 2 x 2"

I will buy $200 of any combination to help reach the minimum. I’ll donate the material to be used in HIVE13’s infrastructure projects.
I would like to do the welding certification also.
I’m sorry I wasn’t more active during the move, but I am busy with my own move.

Vicente, that's very generous of you! Thanks!

I've been wanting to make stands for all our vices and bench grinders, the 2" tube would be great for that

Put me in for (8) 1"x 1" and (2) 2" x 2"

Are these going to arrive as 25’ pieces or cut to facilitate delivery?

I plan to cut everything to 8' 4" (less saw kerf) at work before trucking it over to Hive13, but if you need longer lengths, please don't hesitate to let me know, I can cut however you want or leave some at full lengths. Just don't give me a cut list of 100+ cuts.

I'd like mine cut starting at 13 9/32" and at the angle of the Golden Ratio incrementing in length by prime numbers (i.e 2 cm, 3 cm, 5 cm) and the angle matching each point along the Golden Ratio. I think that comes out to 99 cuts with 23 cm remaining. I need that 23 cm piece too. Ok?

Sorry, the band saw only does square cuts

I plan to place this order next Monday (2020-08-24). Please let me know what quantities you would like if you have not already.

Here is what I currently have for people and quantities, let me know if I missed someone or messed up quantities:



A note to everyone who has already given me quantities, I just glanced back at my quotes, and the lengths are 24’, not 25’. let me know if that affects your quantities. Also, since we are at 60+ pcs. of the 1" tube, the price will be a little lower, something like $11.50/pc.

Sorry I’m a bit disconnected, in Utah.

Put me down for two sections of 1” (~$25).
I’d like to get welding certification.
No required lengths, so if someone has partial lengths I can fill in the gap. (No 1” pieces please) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Kevin, thanks for putting this together. Would it be possible to have some shared storage for this at the Hive, possibly pieces marked with owner’s name. Much more space efficient than separate storage, plus could keep it long and not have to store it at home and bring it in. If that’s possible, I would go for 4 of the 2x2 and 8 of the 1x1.


Also, if on site storage is an option, let me know how much we need to hit the minimum. I’ll dig deeper.


I have you down for 8x 1" and 4x 2".

With respect to storage, one of my goals as the welding shop warden is to try and get the welding shop set up much more like our wood shop where all the tools are out and set up so that anyone can walk up and use them, and to get all personal storage moved out of the shop space so that any material left in the shop is clearly material that is “up for grabs” that anyone can use.

With this group purchase, and needing to get some of the buyers certified before they can do their projects, there will clearly be a need for temporary storage for this material. I think the best option is that when the material comes in, I will cut it down to 8’ lengths at work, and bundle each person’s material with labels for who it belongs to. When I get it to Hive13, I’ll put a parking permit (good for two weeks) on each bundle, and the bundles will be stacked on a pallet either in the back of the space behind the wood shop, or in the “project parking” area between the wood shop and member storage. As with all parking permit tagged items, they may be renewed so long as the item(s) are part of projects being actively worked on. Since several people will need to be certified before they can really start working, I think it will be OK if the bundles stay on a pallet unused till the certs can happen.


Kevin M.

This weekend will be the last chance to hop on this group-buy. If you would like to join, please let me know your quantities, and anyone already on the list, let me know if you would like to increase your quantities (prices have dropped a little since we got decent numbers, $11.07 for 1" and $26.27 for 2").

If still available, I would like to sign up for

two sections of 1” (~$25).
I’d like to get welding certification.

I would like on-site storage, too.

Thanks, J. Sikorski

Put me in for:
2 - 1" pieces
1 - 2" piece

I’m probably number 374 on the list for getting welding certification but I do want to get it.

John Clark