Small Starter Resin Printer Vote

So the conversation for a higher end Resin Printer has kinda became a debate on which one to get for the higher costs. I would like to see a resin printer still here even if its not one of the higher end models. It would be good to get people use the completely alien way of placing models compared to FDM printers on top of giving us more opportunities to put out some high quality castable parts for our pressure pot and vaccuum chamber.

The vote will be for $500. It is for the $350 Kickstarter bundle cost of the Prism 3d, some additional FEP sheets starting resin and shipping costs. I have been beta testing this and been getting beautiful prints out of this. I spoke with the owner/creator and he said he can easily order us one outside the Kickstarter (i personally dont trust kickstarters even one from people I know normally.)

The printer is self leveling, pretty easy to use. Has adjustable setting during printing, ability to pause to verify print is sticking, wifi and a few other features I dont want to butcher trying to explain. The Kick starter goes live next Friday, 5/17 so I am going to put this up for a vote on 5/21 to allow everyone a chance to view the Kickstarter and printer details.

Price breakdown:
$350 Prism 3d Resin Printer
$25 FEP vat sheets.
$50 Resin
$75 Shipping costs & any additional unseen costs.

While a resin printer is neat in theory, I simply don’t think the Hive would benefit from one. I fear that, like other equipment purchased in the past because it is “cool”, it would sit unused, taking up space without getting much use.

Given that, I’m voting No on this.

I think success can be helped by purchasing tools which are professionally supported by the manufacturer, well documented and with a low barrier of entry.

I don’t feel cheap tools do well in any of those categories. Evaluating the success of a process by purchasing cheap tools doesn’t really evaluate it well.

A group of people coming together to buy and use tools should buy high quality tools.


JP, have you seen the majority of the tools at the hive? Most of the tools have started out as Harbor Freight brand tools. Most other tools are higher end Hobbyist level tools. Even the Ultimaker is a hobbyist level printer, even if it has a higher price tag.

Greg, I know I use my resin printers daily, but using that mentality we could say that about most of our tools, beyond the typical wood working power tools most sit for longer periods of time until someone has a specific use for it. If its used once to twice a month it would get more use than some other tools. Also at $500 that is 1/2 a month of our profit margin to pay it back. It has a small foot print, much less than some of the old 3d printers sitting above the Ultimaker. Hell if its not used regularly it wont take up any space that isnt available up there with them.

I am very much not in favor of going the route of an early Kickstarter for something like this paid for by Hive... Hive money should be spent on good quality service proven tools (see discussion around recent air tools purchase, we are done with HF quality purchases).

That said, if we get 4-5 people interested in splitting the cost, I'd go in on that to make it available at Hive13.

We would not be signing up for the kickstarter. We would be purchasing the item directly from the creators.

But if we feel a new product shouldnt be in the hive, we can modify the vote for the Anycubic Photon at $100 more. (I remember a time when we rejoiced about getting units from Polar 3d that were beta units.)

I thought resin printers used hazardous chemicals?.. that’s why you see gloved hands holding prints?
will this thing need venting or filtration?


You shouldnt be huffing it for sure. Gloves are due to skin irratation but the ones I have read (I have not checked the MSDS on all 405nm UV resins) do not talk about special ventilation or filtration. The Cincinnati Library has one a resin printer on a table for example with no precautions.

Here is the MSDS for one of the resin’s I have been using:


the resins are hazardous, but not much more so than spray paint. We would need to establish some basic safety guidelines, but it’s manageable. Ventilation requirements vary by resin, but most simply having an exhaust fan in the room is enough. we could easily add an auxiliary exhaust function to the Laser blower/duct work.


Prism or Anycubic either one, I’d still be game to split the cost of a printer outside of a Hive13 vote purchase if you me, and 2-4 others are interested enough to put forward $100-150 each.



Kevin, right now I do not feel buying equipment for the hive with personal funds (of anyone) is a good idea. There is the legal issue of ownership in this case on top of the fact we as a organization can afford this piece of equipment with our available funds.

I think buying things for Hive with personal funds is a fine idea. The “legal issue of ownership” has been hashed out in past debates, but the simplest solution is just for the person/people buying the equipment to donate it to the Hive. We should certainly be using Hive funds to upgrade the Hive, but in a case where a relatively small # of people are excited about the piece of equipment private funding may be the way to go. What % of the Hive is excited about an SLA printer? Not sure.

If this had come up a year ago, probably would have donated $100 towards an SLA printer…I’ll be moving to Georgia in June though…


Enjoy the heat of Georgia, Mike. While if someone wants to donate an item toward the hive thats fine, I dont think we should be crowdfunding for a new piece of equipment, thats part of what our dues and voting are for.

Isn't that how the big CNC and big laser both got purchased?

The option to add money toward the purchase for the laser was there/ The laser’s buy-in included “laser minutes” which at the time were required to use the laser. (This pay for use was cancelled due to a few reasons. Different subject though) The was built by Hive members, starting before I was a member. I do not know the full story on how everything was funded for that. Either way you are speaking multiple thousand dollar purchases (“big purchases”) compared to a Vote for $500, which is 1.6% of the hive’s available funds and is payed for with less than 1 month’s “profit”.

The CNC was built by Hive members, sorry for the confusion there on that typo.

I vote yes, sla is awesome and is safe when handled properly…

Joe Pomeroy

Oh yea, if it wasnt clear by starting the vote, I am voting yes. Thanks for reminding me Joe.

I’ve just read through the two resin printer chains.

Anyone actually read that SDS? That’s fairly acutely nasty stuff. Don’t get it on you, don’t pour it down the drain - ever. Ventilation, meaning exhaust is recommended.See the vapor exposure limits.

Especially interesting is the idea that flame and resin vapors are not good together and the main exhaust for fablab goes out through the often flaring / flaming laser printer.
Just saying, this does take some thought and preparation. Not enough information in the form of specifics and links for me to follow this to a conclusion.

I’m voting no.

Dave Velzy

I vote no (I don’t think I explicitly said so earlier).

I absolutely am in support having a resin printer at Hive13, but only on the Hive13 budget if it’s something closer to a professional grade tool (Formlabs Form 3 or UNIZ Slash Plus UDP would be my preferences). And for a purchase like that I have serious reservations about if now is the right time for another big purchase and if an SLA printer is the best option for our next big capability addition.