Rasberry Pi on sale today


Crazy high load of course…anybody manage to snag one?

All I see is a form to express interest…

Brian Goessling

I read this article saying it will go on sale today: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17190918

But was unable to get into the store at the time until now and I also see just the link of ‘express interest’

Yes, it’s strange. The main website uses the words to buy, but the rest just says Express Interest. But I have expressed my interest in both places… lol

Brian Goessling


Good luck. Farnell sold out about 30 minutes after 1am. Many, many people were also angry because the suppliers R.Pi chose are in Europe/england with no North American retailers so we got screwed a bit on that one. The next batch should be going up for sale in about a month (beginning of April). I suspect that you will be able to actually get some out of that batch. You will also be able to buy more than one at that time.


Awesome, thanks for the update Jon!

Got an email over the weekend and finally had time to put my order in today at Newark. Said estimated shipping date was the end of the month.

Brian Goessling

Did you get local shipping rates? Last I looked there was a $20 additional charge.

The $20 was the shipping rate, final cost was $55 shipped from the UK. That said, I think the expected shipping date for my order is sometime in April.

Nope, free shipping! It said something when I was ordering that the shipping fees will show up in the confirmation email. There it stated 0. But I checked with the Newark/Element 14 support to be sure and they said there is no shipping fee for the Raspberry Pi.


Brian Goessling

Mine is 35 dollars.

Brian Goessling

Can you post a link to where you bought yours Brian? Maybe we are getting a UK based link


Tell me if that link does not work, because it goes through a link forwarder but that is where it ends up.

Brian Goessling

You can also try http://newark.chtah.com/a/hBPUSM$AJwblAB8hLFwNsg8II8c/rsbp2

Brian Goessling

second link worked for me. $35, I chose standard shipping, with no shipping price to be seen.

Nope. I confirmed with them however that there is no fee.

Brian Goessling

I used the default shipping method, and my invoice (which came like 7 hours after the order) says I got charged $6.52 for freight. This is worth a call to hassle them about it…


Yes, I got that too, plus tax, with an estimated ship date of 06/13/2012. I guess I will contact them again…

Brian Goessling

Ok, it is a known issue. The 20 dollars charge is a known issue… that should be repaid. http://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-43273/l/for-newark-element14-customers-we-are-fixing-the-shipping-fee-error-on-raspberry-pi I used their LiveChat order support and he told me that he removed my 6.52 freight fee.

Brian Goessling