python newbie night, hive13 style does a weekly python class, and i want us to do one too.

check out the wiki page that almost conforms to the project template:

I'd be interested in this.

FYI, the wiki page says Wednesday, Sept. 22, when I think you mean the

On 9/8/2009 5:51 PM Chris Anderson claimed:

I added it to the Hive13 calendar as the 23, but left the wiki alone because I was not sure.

Sign me up.

I'm not that great at teaching, but I've been using Python since 2004.
So I'll show up to this to help people out... and probably get
schooled by a newbie on basic syntax because I've been writing C++ and
MATLAB and AutoIt and bash too much at work.

i love autoIT. i use it to do all sorts dumb things at work.

Dang, I’m taking a class on composting the next couple of wednesdays until 8:30. How late are people going to be at the space for the Python class?

Wondering if maybe we might think about a small fee for non-members to
take this course? How I've done "donations" for series classes before
is a small set fee for the entire series (if you miss a class that's
your lookout) but pay at the second class. That way people can check
it out before deciding to commit $20-30.

Now my classes are significantly different material and I usually have
printing/binding costs to cover and so forth, but this helps to defray
use of the space, etc. by people who are not members.

I can make most Wed. Nights and would like to have a reason to dive
into python (other than "sounds cool").

I think that I may attend myself, but if we are going to aloow non-members for a "fee’, please let it be now asap so that I can start to promote it.

I am not sure there are any costs associated with the class at this point, maybe if we print out the Python book we will be using (its 236 pages, our printer @ the hive can print duplex, so that’s 118 pages + toner + binding material).

Maybe we could make this part of our “Service to the Community” that we need to prove via the 1023? So we can have the binders available that people can donate to receive a printed copy of the book to defray the printing costs, but if they don’t want to pay for a binder they can still attend the class, they just need to use the digital PDF version.

i guess we can charge for it, but i am not sure that at this moment i can deliver a teaching experience that is worth charging for.

i’ve never taught a class on any technical subject, and my past teaching experience has been confined largely to small arms and hand to hand combat, so it’s not exactly relevant to this new endeavor. in time, when my ability to teach and code in python have improved (or someone has come forward who is better suited for this than i am) i would feel much more comfortable charging for the class.

how about for the time being we invite all and welcome donations, but do not require payments just yet. when the class and i are ready for primetime we can put forth a small fee for non-members.

i also like the idea of making books available to folks who want them and can offset the printing and binding costs. i have no idea how much binding costs or what is involved with it, but it sounds like a great idea.

speaking of materials needed, this is going to sound like a stupid question, but does everyone who is interested in the class have a computer to use? is anyone planning on inviting someone who does not have a laptop?

If we need a spare laptop, I have one I could set up and bring in. I might do it just in case.

As for binding, for now I doubt we will get more than 30 pages in on the first day, so we could just print that out and staple it. The paper in the printer now is free scrap paper (it has Jellystone Park written in the top right corner, but it should work for now).

I had been thinking we would just print out some copies, stick them in a binder then have them available for people to use, but if we want to actually print some copies without having to pay $35 a book off amazon we could probably do print on demand ourselves since it is a GPL’ed book.

I just did a quick google-fu search and found a site called Lulu, they do print on demand, you just upload a PDF, select some options and they will print it. Depending on the settings the price looks like it ranges from 6.75 a book (236 pages, publishers paper, paperbound), to $10.50 a book (236 pages, standard paper, coil bound), up to $20 a book if you get a hardcover. All the numbers are assuming we print 25 copies, the price goes up for a smaller run (I think it was around 7.50 for the 235 page, publishers paper, paper bound @ less than 25 copies).

While I think an actual bound book would be cool, I think just printing that weeks chapter out of the printer each week and added them to binders might be the easiest, cheapest, and best solution.

thanks paul. that’s a lot less than i thought it would be. not as cheap/cool as some sort of hive-brewed binding, but cheap and cool non the less :slight_smile:

also, i have a couple laptops that i would have to load up but it shouldn’t be a problem. also, there are like 8 pallets of PCs in the space, surely we can come up with a few working machines from there :slight_smile:

if everyone interested has/can get a hold of a laptop, we can try having the class in the office, on the couches. if we have to use desktops and whatnot i’ll have to set up a something on a table. it’s no big deal, just something that has to be done before the class starts.

I’m not going to be able to make it to the first couple of these, so it would be pretty cool if you did a quick and dirty recording of the session in some way. Any ideas?

If nobody else volunteers their better equipment, I can record it on
my Macbook's webcam thingy; I'm sure I can find another craptop to run
Python on for the actual class. And did you want video or just audio?
Perhaps somebody could also have a recording of their screen or Python
interpreter running in tandem so you can see what's going on along
with the audio.

I think a screen cast type thing would be perfect - audio and screen. There are a couple of tools that will do that, a free one I’ve seen is - you could use it to stream to people remotely, as well as record the session.

It’d be AWESOME if we captured classes/presos/lectures like this (screen capture, webcam, video camera, all of the above?) and hosted them somewhere on Members only? open to the public? both? depending on the class/preso/lecture? either way…still AWESOME!

Yeah, this sounds even better the more I think about it. I’m going to be down at the space this evening I think, I will try to test this out and document it. If people are on IRC we can try testing the live screen casting too - or just email me and I’ll get in touch.

if we get enough “footage” we can create instructional videos with voiceovers as well, not just for python, but for any class.