python newbie night, hive13 style

Just a reminder that this is happening tomorrow night at the hive (September 23, 2009 @ 7:00 pm).

we had our first night last night and it was a success. we went
through two chapters of think python and the free form nature of the
class let us experiment with different coding techniques, like the "as
much on one line as possible style" and the "use lots of parentheses"
style that i happen to be fond of.

we also determined that print has been deprecated by print() in python
3.0 and that printing a floating point variable automagically rounds
the value to two decimal places instead of printing the raw value :slight_smile:

also, each of us had a different setup for the class: there was one
mac, two linux laptops, two windows machines, and one windows machine
SSH'd into a linux machine :slight_smile:

next week, we will be recapping chapters 1&2 and moving on to chapter
3: functions (spoiler: mandatory whitespace!) and possibly chapter 4:
interface design.

if you missed last week and are worried about falling behind, have no
fear. we will recap chapters 1 & 2, before proceeding so don't be shy.

Did you also notice that division has changed?

5 / 2 = 2.5
5 // 2 = 2

There’s a single integer datatype; no more long. Among other changes, here is a site if you are more curious (

I am more of a ruby guy, but i want to learn python and django (or turbogears). The book Programming Python is on Python 2.6, but gave fair warning in an early chapter to some of these changes.

Just a late reminder that Python night is indeed happening tonight at 7:00 pm at the Hive.