Proposal: Space Balloon Launch on October 2nd


What are the things that need to happen in order for the Space Balloon
to be launched in the month of October and what I might do to help
out? I am have not been involved up until now, but I want to make
sure this happens. Is the wiki page up-to-date?


It would have to happen without me. I am traveling for business off
and on from now until 10/22.

How about Oct 23 or Oct 30?


Hmm, Oct 23 evening would be bad for me, but during the day I am free. The 30th could be an issue w/ Halloween for people

My flight lands at CVG at 11:30pm on the 22nd. I've always assumed we
would be launching in the early AM to get the best weather conditions,
so the 23rd would be not so good. Could a Sunday work instead (ie the

Also, the wiki is largely up to date (I added the A530s just now). We
do not have an altimeter, and the FlipHD does not have enough battery
life to take video for the entire expected flight time. Cjdavis was
working on something in that regard. The two other outstanding items
are where to launch and FAA notification.

Ok, I'm fine with the 24th. Let's say the launch will for sure be on
10/24/2010 (in the morning) unless we hear any major objections in the
next 24 hours.

T Minus 39 Days and counting...


i saw this today:

it's expensive, but it does both GPS and altitude.

However, isnt there something special you need if you are doing high-altitude GPS?

i would imagine that GPS is probably not that important at high
altitude, since it's my understanding that GPS data is two

correct me if i'm wrong or rehashing an old debate, but isn't GPS data
in this particular instance used for recovery?

would you be getting the GPS + altitude data in real [enough] time?

It's mainly used for recovery, but it would be nice to be able to plot
out the course the balloon took.

Apparently it is possible to determine altitude w/ GPS but it requires more satellites than normal. Normally GPS can determine your position on the ground with just three satelites, however to determine altitude you need 4+ satellites.

If we are going to launch the balloon in 24 days, we should probably
nail down the setup asap. Are people available to meet up around 11 -
noon this Saturday? I'll head over to the hive after stopping at UC
surplus sale around 9am.

Saturday is the one day I said I could not make it. What about Sunday the same time?

Sorry for the abrupt email, I will be out of town on Saturday but if other people do meet, please take notes or somehow log what is discussed so that people who can not attend can keep up to date. I think it is important that this is discussed before the next group meeting so that we can finalize our objectives and dates.


It was just me at the hive Saturday :slight_smile: so I moved starchy into 1A. He needs to be wired up still. I’m also taking all the digikey/mouser catalogs to the recycling bin.


Sorry for being out of the loop on this with all the traveling I’ve done, so forgive me if I missed some of this being discussed…

In addition to notifying the FAA about this launch, has anyone notified the local TV stations? I would think one of them would be interested in covering the event, giving HIVE13 some great exposure. A good press release would be helpful as well as we start to document what we’re doing to educate/engage people in the area.

I plan on being there with my son and a couple of friends. This should be great!


I'm going to look over the Space Balloon parts tonight.

Do we have the donor G1 someplace?

Let's plan an official time/date to start the build. Outside of
meeting nights, this Friday night or next Monday night would work for
me. (Or tonight obviously).


The balloon and parachute are in my locker next to the vending
machines. The cameras are in a box somewhere in my new house. The
donor G1 is still in nauseaboy's possession. I'm out of town until
the 23rd...