Proposal - Remove 2nd Non-working CNC and Extra Plywood by Dec 31st.

I’d like to see the second, non-working CNC and the two large piles of birch plywood removed from the Hive. Right now space is very tight in the woodshop, and we need this space for more tools, workspace, and active projects, and other woodshop related stuff. I believe there was a vote sometime mid summer to keep the second machine, conditional on it working again. This has not happened, nor has there been any attempt to get it working.

We need the space, and there is no progress on the 2nd CNC, so let’s remove it and the plywood. If the owner(s) of this stuff would like help moving it, I’m will to lend a hand, but let’s remove it by the end of December 31st.

This does make sense. While it is appropriate for members to keep some material for active projects at the hive, we don't have the surplus space for large amounts of long term storage. The CNC in question does not belong to the hive, so unless it is usable and being used routinely by hive members, it should go elsewhere.

Even if it was in working order, it’s still taking up a ton of room, and the first CNC seems to spend a lot of time not being used. I’d rather we doubled up on something that was in constant use, like the table saw, rather than the CNC router. Oh, and I believe we’ve got another CNC router in storage.

I think some folks are working on getting the Shapeoko back online. I would propose it have a home where the “medium” CNC is presently.
It is a nice, small CNC that can be used for electronic projects. But let’s talk as a group about where it would live.

I spoke with Coy at the last meeting, he mentioned selling it if the Hive doesn’t want it.

I really don’t care if we decide to remove the medium CNC. It works, there is nothing wrong with it. It just needs a computer hooked up to it. I’m not sure how the CNC classes went but the idea was to use both of them instead of making everyone wait. Since I decided to remove myself from teaching the classes I’m not as concerned about people waiting around. If we’re really worried about the space, whatever happened to getting the room next door. That would help solve lots of space issues.

We’ve had a lot of issues with garden Street trying to rewrite our current lease in their favor. For now, Jim is a good one to speak on it - check out previous board meeting notes a week or two ago.

Anyways. That is why we haven’t gotten that other room.


Which birch plywood is to go?

We are using some of the boards as material for the CNC class.


we are used the 1/2" plywood. i believe he is talking about all the 3/4" stuff

I would like to see all of the birch plywood not currently in the temporary long term storage go. This is part of a larger plan to help clean up some of the clutter in the woodshop, which includes some of the other random wood piles. I’ve already mentioned the one in the corner next to temporary lumber storage, hopefully that can get sorted by the end of December. I’d also like to find a new home for all the metal scrap. Right now we have no room to expand, add new tools, new storage, or new assembly areas.

We have new members on a waiting list for 4"-6" of space in the temporary project storage, (or sharing it) and with no boxes, while we have a large wood rack taking up 3-4’. If we’re going to have a lumber storage there, I think we should decide as a organization, and handling it in the same manner as the temporary project storage. So with tags donating ownership, renewals, and only one slot per person. It seems the fairest way to handler things, IMHO.

The 2nd CNC has a similar issue, with it taking up a LOT of space, while basically acting as a flat surface. If we’re going to have a 2nd CNC, I’d like to see that be a decision of the group, and balanced against other needs, such as more storage, tools, assembly areas, etc.

We’ve been arguing over space for a long time. We can try to organize everything until we are blue in the face but at the end of the day we have grown and need more space for tools and storage. Anything we do at this point is a temporary fix. I haven’t had a chance to go read the notes from Jim about the space yet but last I remember they wanted to use the SAME language that was in our current lease, we just wanted to change it. I apologize if I’m wrong but if that is the case we should just move forward and sign the lease if they haven’t budged on terms for over a year.

no they want to change the way any disputes are handled such that we would have to pay for any and all court costs (regardless if we win or lose or what it is for, or who initiates it). it could be very, very costly to change our lease to that (its a way for landlords to prevent lessees from sueing etc). at this point i believe leadership is far less enthused about the space.

and there is plenty of space at the hive that is not being utilized and plenty that is being utilized poorly. I would agree that since the medium CNC doesn’t seem to be functional and the wood not really used it may be time to take a vote to remove them.

Are you 100% sure our current lease reads differently? I remember this exact discussion months ago.

The lease is irrelevant, we don’t have space for every member to take 4’ of space.

If there are other places we’re wasting space, let’s fix them. Lorin, myself, and others have been attempting to get things better organized so that we can accommodate new members, have more tools, and more space to work in.

I’m all for this proposal. The CNC computer has a second profile listed for the medium sized machine or so I was told in the CNC class, but in the three months I’ve been around the second CNC machine has been nothing but a table top. 70 sqft of space being taken up by 3 things that are not working and/or not being used an active project seems a lot to ask of the hive by any single member. The two spaces of plywood storage taken up equals more than half the wood storage space that is available to members. I realize that we have used a couple of sheets as hive use, and that there is a standing offer of $70/sheet to all members, but why are we holding all this plywood for someone when the available space for a member is 7-12" of space for three months and at least two people are waiting for wood spaces?

Guys I am all for getting rid of the medium CNC if it’s not going to be used. As far as the other wood storage I say we wait before making any sudden judgement. The old wood storage isn’t good at all for CNC plywood. It gets really warped in there which if you use the CNC much you will understand. (Yes I know the wood behind the pallet racks may not be as straight as it should be)

People are just getting certified now to use the CNC and it may end up getting used more in the coming months. I’ve used 4 sheets this month already. It sucks trying to get 4x8 sheets down there if you don’t have a truck. This wood is for everyone and if we had the space next door it would be a no brainer because we would have plenty of space to store it. Any chance it could be stored on the new pallet racks once they are assembled?

Tiff; are they trying to add that language to the current lease or is this just for the lease on the new space?


Just the language on the new lease. When we first seriously approached them about renting the room, that was in what they proposed originally. Then we asked them to change it after we read it. They sent it along for several months, we prodded them occasionally for progress, as they said, their lawyer is a bit slow. We nudged a bit again, and then they sent back a “modified one” finally… that was the exact same… So we’ve just been getting the run around from them for about a year.

That’s the basic gist of it. We can go into more detail / it’s recorded in multiple meeting and board meeting minutes over the last year.

Also, if we all want to discuss this farther, we should probably move to a different thread :slight_smile: I hate when the topic diverges so much from the original post that we don’t know what was proposed/what we are trying to accomplish. Haha

This is not a sudden judgement, I’ve seen no movement since becoming a member, several months ago, and I’m suggesting Dec 31st as the deadline.
Further I’ve taken wood to the hive on the top of my car, it’s not a big deal for me, I’ve currently got a 3.4" sheet + 2x 1/4" sheets from Menards.
Finally, I fail to see any difference in birch plywood upright storage, and the upright storage provided by the project storage area.

If this is to be Hive storage, then let’s make it official with a vote, and let’s discuss how it’s to be managed. Otherwise it’s pretty much anybody can take any open area they want, for any reason, for as long as they want.

The sudden judgement is about making a decision as people are starting to get CNC certified and should be using that space more. Making a decision to remove this now just seems crazy.

Take a look next time you are there, it should be easy enough to see. I’ve had several pieces warp so bad that it made things very difficult to CNC and ruined several cuts because of broken tabs. Storing it flat is the best. A space on a new pallet rack would be best but in the mean time let’s just try to fix the space issue to make everyone happy.

The space next door has been in the works for well over a year, maybe closer to two. Let’s try to figure this out before we move anything out for good that people want to use.

I’m just going to ask a question here of all membership:

Who wants to use the medium CNC in the near future?
Is the large CNC and Shapeoko sufficient, or would this be useful for a specific project?