Laser cutter/engraver training

I’m scheduling a laser cutter/engraver training.

Saturday May 11th 2:00-3:30 works for me. How does that fit into other’s schedules?

Basic theory/safety, then cutting simple shapes.
After the training you would be certified to use the lasers.

Count me in, thanks Brad!

I’d normally be all over this but I’m out of town that weekend. Put me down for the next one.

Count katie and i in!

Great timing. I was just starting to get curious. Please save me a spot.

Sign me up!

Sky Street

Count us in, two of us!

Dave & Teresa

Ann will be joining us so that’s me + 1

The meetup event has been created. Please signup there so that Brad can have an idea of how many people will be in attendance. This ensures’s he have the correct coffee : blood ratio in his system.

I did sign up on meetup but it didn’t give the option to add a plus 1

It is fixed now. I forgot to check that box…

The training/certification class for the big laser went well yesterday.

I have 10 people listed as attending. If I missed someone, please let me know.
Katie & Kevin Schuler
John Osterman
Paige Wideman
Jason Gentry
Skyler Street
Scott Hively
Chris Davis
Kevin McLeod

I’ve added these names to the list on the wiki. As mentioned in the class, if you have any questions, or if things aren’t acting like you expect, feel free to contact me or post a question on the mailing list.

Go forth and make!

To all the newly trained, if you plan on using the laser for a few hours or so please be so kind and post a notification so the others will know and that way no one's inconvenienced when they arrive to find that you running an elaborate engraving or something else.

Thanks for joining me on "Consider the Following".

Yes we mentioned it in the class about planning a large job to notify the mailing list/slack as a courtesy.

We haven’t had a need to setup a reservation system yet, but we may if we get a lot of collisions.
Driving down to use something and finding it tied up for many hours would be inconvenient.

We noticed that the mini CO2 extinguisher used for the laser was empty.
Does anyone know if we can get it refilled? Kevin S. was wondering if the certification date was current on it.
If not, we need to get something for minor fires in the laser.
I put it on the list.

It should be a standatd 20 or 24 oz paintball tank with a flat bottom. I do believe it was put of date when we moved the laser. The tanks are usually super cheap on ebay, ill check tonight even to get a spare of needed.

I joined too late for this. Whenever the next opportunity is, I want to get certified. Dunno if this is the right place for that, or if I should wait until a thread for the next one pops up.

I’ll post a sign up form in the FabLab for the lasers.

We can have another class soon if enough people express interest.

Again, a reminder.

Please be so courteous and post a notification on the mailing list or Slack if you plan on using any equipment, specifically the laser, for any extended amount of time.

It’s very frustrating showing up at the Hive to find out that someone is running a 3 hour job on a week night.

Please try to be aware that other people use the equipment too, people that sacrifice their time from their family to come to Hive13, and it’s very inconsiderate to “hog” the equipment for multiple cuts for such a length of time without a heads up.

Trying not to sound like a dick,
Paul Marsh