Large CNC - Spoil Board

Is anyone opposed to changing the spoil board or atleast zeroing it back out?

I have been finding several cuts being un level by the amount of wear on the spoil board

Seems like a project for the CNC warden. I can help if we want to get a new board. Hopefully the mdf fits under the $40 cap on warden spending.

There is two (or more) very large sheets sitting vertically right next to the medium CNC machine, is that not what those are for or I am mistaken?

yes that is what those are for. Id say just do it. lol.

The current spoil board is cut to 97" x 63 3/4", the MDF off to the side is 97" x 49.

There is currently a 5 inch overhang for the spoilboard, has anyone been utilizing the cnc in this manner?
It appears to have a decent amount of give to it so I question it's accuracy when using it.

Does anyone know the hive has a surfacing mill and where it is?

I was told we had one but several people, Jon stated it was Coy’s and not Hive owned.

I have 2 and may be down at some poythis weekend. I could resurface it if u want. I don’t think we need to put on a new board yet.

That would be awesome if you could resurface it, I agree we don't need to replace it quite yet.

On the discussion of replacing it though...

I also noticed on the wiki also that there was also plans for a vacuum table for the cnc... I actually started to design a cut for the board to make one however I haulted my operation after doing some number crunching. It looked like we would be need something like 40-60hp for the vacuum pumps and after pricing this seemed totally not feasable. It may be possible to do smaller sections like 30"x30".

What are your thoughts?

This could be a very lengthy discussion. I’ve also done a ton of research on vacuum tables on sites like cnczone. It can be done and they can be handy but for smaller parts (which is what I wanted to use it for) there are still issues from what I’ve read. Some pumps are very expensive while I have seen others do it with a shop-vac.

If you can get me the part number we can get the bit using the Area warden budget.

Perhaps a ShopVac-powered mini-vac clamp could be a project for any CNCer who wants to use one (for small parts).

All that would be needed is a design posted on the wiki, and advice here?


Yes, what bit do you use Coy? I am placing an order with Kodiak cutting tools for some endmills today and could throw one on there.

It’s just a 1.5" diameter bit I purchased from Amazon

is it an endmill? or is there a name/type ?

John: I could possibly make a smaller one say 12"x12" (maybe even a bit larger but not a ton 400sq inches tops I believe) and hook it up to the 5hp shop vac. I mostly would just need help thinking of a way to clamping this to our current table in a way that wouldn't impede the y axis movement and was also be removeable. I am open to suggestions though!

Brad and Tiffany: They are farely pricey but coy might have something like this. Some links below of the lowest priced ones I could find on amazon. Not sure how I feel about the cheaper one....

Amana Tool RC-2248 CNC Spoilboard Surfacing & Rabbeting Flycutter 1-1/2 Dia x 15/32 ...

CMT 663.004.11 Insert Carbide Spoilboard surfacing router Bit with 2-3/8" Diameter a...

Those surfacing bits are nice and would be great for large surfacing projects but way overkill for a spoil board.

any recommmednations for a surfacing bit from kodiak cutting tools?

I think it gets down to a fixed non replaceable bit:

or one with replaceable inserts:

I think it boils down to how often we will use it. I kind of like the non replaceable bit (it has 1/2" shank) and is only ~$50.
The bad part is that if you chip the cutters you get to throw away the bit. :slight_smile:
The replaceable insert model is about $90 but you can put new inserts in. The shank is only 1/4" but seems well built.

Of course if you want to do it right:

This cutter has 4 blades, two provide the side cutting and two provide the actual surfacing. It is ~$180.

How often do we do any surfacing with the CNC? You could use this to surface more than just the spoilboard.
My thought is that the Hive could buy the super nice one and people would provide their own inserts.
But then I also like using nice tools . . . .

I purchased a personal flycutter for the mill that people could use (if they provide their own inserts).

Good times.

You could do some nice hard wood surfacing with the nicer bit. There are a ton of videos on the website using Amana bits.

I’ve got a 1 1/4" surfacing bit. Ask me about it next time Tim, and we’ll see what we can do.