Glass Lampwork at Hive13

I have obtained (on loan, but likely long term) a glasswork torch for tabletop glass bead/figurine/marble work as well as a small “chilipepper” annealer that I intend to make available to Hive13.

the torch is an Oxy/Propane torch, but I do not have gas bottles or an oxygen concentrator at the moment. Does anyone have access to a propane bottle, oxygen bottle, and/or oxygen concentrator that they woudl be willing to bring in to get a glass working station up and running?

I also plan to do a bulk order of clear glass rod (probably boro/33 COE, but may decide to go for 96 or 104 COE if someone already has some color stock) and order some color rods for myself, I could order some for others too if you just want to reimburse me for the quantity above what I order for myself (bulk orders keep shipping costs down).

Once we get oxygen and propane, I can also do some demos for anyone who has never worked with glass.


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I do not understand this response…

That is a picture of Mr. Glass for those that do not understand the reference.

Had been hoping this would be a thread about making things from glass, not a movie character called glass… oh well, haha

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Bumping this in case anyone who may be interested in glasswork hasn’t seen it. I’ll be doing a bulk order of clear glass and color rod, perfectly willing to group orders if there is anyone else who knows they would like to make some stuff.

also, Anyone have any leads on an oxygen concentrator or gas bottles?



I’m super interested in this. Is there any difference with welding oxy/gas bottles? I’d be willing to supply small ones for this.

The only real difference is that the torch I have uses propane instead of acetylene, and we could use a standard gas grill style propane tank (I need to look up if this torch can be converted to natural gas, would be nice to hook up to the building’s supply instead of buying bottles). The oxygen bottles are identical to welding or medical bottles, and if we can find an oxygen concentrator (maybe a retired medical one?) we wouldn’t even need to buy oxygen.

I was able to confirm the torch can be used with natural gas. It will also operate on a single standard 5 L/min oxygen concentrator, but apparently needs two for optimal performance.

Maybe Brad’s obsess- err- AUCtion-fu could get us concentrators?

Never seen one. But I’ll keep my eyes open.

Just got a Bessy bar clamp for $3.

That or craigslist should yield something.

I just got a quote for Oxygen and Propane bottles and fills, 125 Cu. Ft. oxygen is $206 for the bottle and $24 for the fill, 20 lb. propane (grill tank) is $41 for bottle, $15 for fill.

seems like at those prices it would take quite a few oxygen refills (~33 refills) to justify the cost of a pair of concentrators…

True… unless you get used/out of contract concentrators for less.

the 33 refills number was comparing to used concentrators, would be 200+ refills if comparing to new concentrators.