Free 4x6' sheets of plexi -- should I nab em' ?

The guy offering free plotters replied that the plotters are spoken for, but since I said we were a hacker space, he offered:

20 4x6’ sheets of plexiglass.

I’m asking here first if I should get these for hive13 members because storage space may be an issue. I could go get em in my truck if folks are interested.


I’m interested—I’d store them in the garage at home, unless other members want them to at the space. Do you know the thickness?


I could see my way to a sheet or two (depending on thickness).


yes get them! :slight_smile:

Just called. I’ll be heading down there to meet him at 6:30.

Also, the guy no-showed on the plotters, so he needs em out today and offered one or all to me.

Ryan said that we had a plotter and nobody used it, but I thought that was a vinyl cutter, not a color plotter… If it were a plotter, well, I would have used it frequently.

He’s got two Inkjet plotters (sorta like public library) and one pen plotter.

If I need to, I can stash stuff in my attic / basement. Can always donate…


if mike is willing to keep watchng Oliver I can help. send me an email off list with the address.

I would be interested in some of the plexi glass. Especially if it is thinner.

Yeah, but I’m not going to successfully get 20 sheets of plexi all alone.

Anyone? Tiff? Is Mike able to kid-watch?

Yes! (or tiffany can watch and i’ll help…)

Ill be there. Anyone else?

do you have room for it all in your vehicle?

Whatever. I’ll be there. We’ll need two vehicles. My truck can definitely take the plexi, but may want to put the plotter in a car (I only have single-cab).

Lorin, what do you think about using a plotter as a solder paste printer?

Yes, one of the plotters is an HP pen plotter. I have seen these adapted to draw resist traces and to do paste, etc. Old HP pen plotters can accept all manner of stylus, and most people make their own pens. They can have a cutting head made, etc etc etc.

Of course the same can be done with a modded 3d printer, but we’ll see…

I’ve been looking for one casually for this for a while. They are big, though and I never jumped on ebay.

The ink jet models are actually really nice. If we racked one (or both) up with the vinyl cutter (vertical saves space), it would be useful. I am hearing from people that the plotter we had previously was not used due to the cost of supplies. We now have more resources… Of course, if nobody uses them, it wouldn’t be hard to find a new home for em.


I don’t recall supplies being the problem. We had multiple rolls of paper and sets of ink. It’s just one of those tools that sounds more useful than it turns out to be. We’ve had similar experiences at work.

For as often as you really need large format printing, it winds up being far less hassle and lower cost to send your file to a print shop.

That said, the offer to build a tiered wall rack stands if this is something the community decides they want.

  • Ry

It’s up to the group. I can always take one and hack it into a gigantic fax machine…

If it's the stuff in the front hallway, I would like a couple sheets. They are good for making LED signs.

Yes it is. Please please please take some.

Dave, regarding solder paste dispenser:

A 3d printer really is pretty ideal for this. That HP pen plotter, although it has awesome resolution and calibration, is huge.


I will be by sometime Wednesday to pick it up. I have to barrow my brother's van.