Cory Doctorow coming to Cincinnati Feb 14th

The international best selling author Cory Doctorow is coming to Cincinnati on Feb 14th. He will be at the Joseph-Beth bookstore at 7pm and Hive13 is Co-Sponsoring this event. He will be discussing and signing his book, Homeland, which is a sequel to Little Brother. Hive13 will setup a table and have 3d printing as well as lock picking during this event.

I encourage everyone to stop on by!

Here are some links on Cory Doctorow:

If you want to participate with the Hive13 booth let me know, else just swing by and say Hi.


My wife will be so excited when I tell her we can’t go out to wherever she wants to go on Valentine’s day because I’ll be hanging out at a bookstore. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was so excited that I forwarded it on before I noticed the date. It took 3 minutes for the phone to ring.

I’m lucky. My wife is a librarian. Telling her we have to hang out in a bookstore on valentine’s day is like telling her I love her again.

I’m sure it will be a very romantic evening :slight_smile:

I ordered 10 schlage cylinders for a new set of progressive locks ( no keys though).
I figure to spread them like this:
2 one pin
3 two pin
3 three pin
1 four pin
1 five pin
I will get some more picks cut as well between now and then.

I can meet up with you and help you knock all those out. We definitely need a lot of the earlier pin versions. Some people loose interest after 3 but just about everyone does 1-3. Maybe make 2 four pin and 0 five pin (since we have a bunch of 5 bin already). Do you want to get together sometime this week and work on this stuff?

I am also up for helping create the progressive locks - let me know when you will be working on them and I will stop by!

USPS tracking says they are at the house let me get home and make sure they are going to work and we will set a time.

Cylinders are all used schlage c key ways (the most common with plenty of room). They have a strange tail piece that we will have to overcome but it shouldn’t be a problem. I have an attempted murder trial the rest of this week. Therefore the rest of this week is out. How about Monday,Wednesday, or Thursday next week? Good point on the pinning of the cylinders, we will do do more two and three pins for sure.

For the most part I’m off work this week. I have several meetings to attend but that’s about it. If you want I can drive down to KY and pick up the locks and get started.

Well good news to goof plead guilty this morning rather than have a trial. So how is tomorrow? Should be there around 6.

I think that will work for me.

I have to cancel for tonight the wife is way ill. Taking here to the doc shortly. Will tomorrow night (Friday) work? If not I’m good any day next week except Tuesday. On the plus side though I just got a crap load of locks off ebay in the mail for about a buck a piece. Tons of doubles that I will bring to the hive we can modify. Bump me back an email so I’m sure you got it.

As the time rapidly approaches for this event I want to make sure the locks get done. I’m going to be at the Hive on Thursday (the 7th) by 0600 to get them squared away. Additionally I will be cutting some more hooks and diamonds for the event. More hands = less work so all help is welcome. I plan on attending the event and have the day off work but, will leave the finished product at the Hive in the event of unforeseen criminal activities changing that.

I’m taking my wife out to a birthday dinner at that time but might be able to show up afterwards. This process goes a LOT faster with extra hands. I encourage others to swing by on Thursday if they can. Even if you had not made picks before, now is a good time to learn! It’s fun and easy…plus it’s for a good cause!

Don’t worry it will get done. If you don’t take care of the wife you may not be able to come out and play at all anymore. All help is welcome. Anyone who cuts picks can also cut a set for themselves. I would like to have at least few additional sets so we can go with all home brew picks for the event. We will be sticking to simple patterns for the event (hooks and diamonds) but, we can cut whatever for anyone else. We will also be converting a set of locks to progressively pinned set for training / demonstration purposes for this event. We should have enough parts if anyone would like and locks they have converted.

I’ll try and be there to help out! Never made picks, seen it done, but have made progressive locks and can certainly help out howver you need me.

Lindsey and I are planning on coming tonight around 7. I’ll be helping make picks, Lindsey will prolly do her own stuff.

Ian M.

might be closer to 8 by the time i get there - just got notification that my recently submitted manuscript was accepted so my lab is going out to celebrate right after work!
:slight_smile: Tiffany