Cooking the World : G Discussion

Hi all!

Normally, I don't have much trouble picking what country to do for each letter. G has a lot of great options though! So I wanted to get some input

Our options are:
Georgia: Khachapuri and Khinkali (Cheese stuffed bread and pork/lamb soup dumplings)
Germany: Sauerkraut, Sauerbraten, Currywurst
Greece: Gyro and Moussaka
Guyana: Pepperpot, Roti and curry

I'm leaning towards Georgia, because I feel like there are restaurants around you can get delicious German food and Greek food. Guyana's food sounds delicious, but I have a soft spot for soup dumplings.

Thoughts? If no one has any strong opinions one way or the other, we're probably gonna go with Georgia.

Any option that includes dumplings is inherently the correct option.

I mean, that’s my general thought as well, but especially when they’re soup dumplings.

Uhhh… are we ruling out Ghana with the national dish of Fufu? Ever had fufu? Ain’t no one ever said “no man, I don’t like me no fufu!” Fufu is delicious!

I know your love of fufu!
I wish jungle Jim’s had an online search feature so I could figure out if they have cassava flour or plantain flour.
So I guess Ghana is in the running too with fufu and some sort of stew!

Plantain flour is somewhat readily available from mexican/guatemalan bodegas, of which Cincinnati has a good number. Cassava? not so sure.
Dean’s Mediterranean down at Findlay would also be a place to call for “do you have ____ ?” questions.


Bob’s Red Mill makes cassava flour. It can’t be that hard to get.

Alright folks, let’s vote.
Cooking the World G:

The options are as follows, with links to wikipedia pages as to what the actual dishes are

Georgia: Khachapuri & Khinkali

Germany: Sauerkraut, Sauerbraten & Currywurst

Greece: Moussaka & Fasolada

Ghana: Fufu & Stew

Whatever gets the most votes by Wednesday, February 5th will be the country/dish we go with!
The actual event will be on Saturday, February 22nd at noon


I vote Ghana and Fufu. We haven’t visited Africa yet and fufu is pretty much the continental dish.

Georgia. Dumplings are always the right answer. Also, who doesn’t want cheese filled bread?

OK comrade… :wink:

Guyana: Pepperpot, Roti and curry is our preference. If Greece gets picked, we should commit to selecting an African nation in the near future.

Dave V, if you were looking for an African country, did you maybe mean Ghana? Since Guyana is in South America, and I know I have definitely gotten them confused.

I do plan on doing Libya for L. I know that’s not in the immediate future; but there isn’t an African country after G until Kenya which I believe has the Kenyan equivalent of Ghana’s fufu. However, I think there was a lot of interest in Korea.

I was also thinking of doing Mauritius, since rougaille and gateau piment sound quite tasty.

Basically, all I’m trying to say is don’t worry; I haven’t forgotten about Africa :slight_smile:

OOPs and Yup. Thanks.

RahmSchnitzel is easily the best dish I had when I lived in Germany. Also, sauerkraut is actually Polish.

Just don’t dig too closely into the name. German history has not been kind to the Romani people :slight_smile:

I vote Ghana.

However, if it ends up as Germany, I volunteer to make sauerkraut.

The people have spoken; Ghana it is!

I’ll get to researching and have the recipe and ingredient list posted in the next few days.

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Pre event research!

I’m going to try that Friday when I am in Fairfield next.