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Having been there a few times, expect them (the owners and customers) to be a bit surprised and even annoyed that you are these. This may even go as far as customers approaching you while you eat to ask you. It’s happened to me every time. I just make a point to be polite and just tell them I was curious. and that the food is really good

huh, I had seen the sign for that place when at Ohio Valley Antique Mall in the past, had no idea what it was

Hi all,
I know I’m behind in posting the recipe and ingredient sign up.
I’m hoping to get that all gathered tonight.
Thanks for being patient!

Alright folks, let’s talk Ghana!

The national dish of Ghana is Fufu which is a fun, rubbery steamed blob that you eat soups and stews with! One of the most common soups it is served with is Groundnut Soup
Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the ingredients! This makes 8 servings of fufu and 12 servings of soup. This is a pretty short list this time! I’ve also included special equipment on the list (since last time I forgot that I needed a dutch oven) We will need a blender. I know there’s one at the Hive but the last time I used it, it didn’t blend particularly well. I have a blender, but it has some of it’s own problems, but can bring it if no one else can.

Lastly, drinks! Ghana’s non-alcoholic drink option is Bissap or Sobolo! This is something I was recently introduced to at Mazunte actually, it’s a delicious hibiscus tea. I’m pretty excited about that. In terms of our alcoholic option, Akpeteshie is made from distilling sugar cane. It’s incredibly potent and from what I was gathering, kinda dangerous. Brazil has a sugar cane liquor called Cachaca that is more readily available, so I’ll grab a bottle of that.

I need a headcount by Thursday, February 20th, as the event will be on Saturday, February 22nd at noon.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

I know this isn’t in the spirit of cooking but I am pretty sure we can get bissap at either the African restaurant or the grocery store across the street. I might pick up a bottle or two to at least compare our results. Ghana also has a really good and strong ginger drink. If I buy any bissop I will try to get the ginger stuff too.

Okay, awesome!

Oh hello.

This event is this Saturday (February 22 2020) ! Remember, RSVP / sign up for ingredients by the end of TOMORROW (Thursday, February 20, 2020)

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you!

Forgot to add the ingredient list link to make things easier. Whoops

I just found out that Lexi and I can go! I have a ton of hibiscus for tea making if that’s an ingredient of the bissap. I’d be happy to bring it, and I will try to add us to the list for some other stuff too.

Great!! Excited to see you guys!
As for the green chilies, if we have to go with canned that works too, since I know that's significantly easier to find.

I will be attending! Amanda unfortunately will not.

My family is attending. There are 4 of us.

Barb and I are coming too.

Dave Velzy

I'll be there. Looks like I got here late to sign up to bring stuff. I'm at a Mexican grocery store right now that has Yuka and plantains but I don't want to double purchase so I'll skip it. Ping me NOW if you want me to grab this!

So, apparently both liquor stores near my house were out of cachaça, which was the closest thing to a Ghanian (?) Liquor. Instead, I got amarula. Not even closer to the same thing, but from South Africa so, whatever. I'm gonna call it close enough. I'm also worried that we may not have enough food for CTW, so I'm gonna grab a couple more of things like onions and tomatoes. I also have some more chicken in my freezer, but if anyone could bring a little bit extra of whatever it is they're bringing it's be appreciated. If not, we'll make do!

I bought four bottles each of “ginger ale” and bissap from the African carry out place in Northside yesterday. They are in the Hive13 fridge. I know we are making bissap but I thought it would be fun to compare ours with stuff right from the source. Shake the ginger ale really well ad the stuff settles to the bottom.

Thanks to everyone who came out today,and helped out! It was a lot of fun as always and you guys are what makes this possible! I always really enjoy how great the turnout is and how enthusiastic everyone is. You guys give me warm fuzzies for how well received this little idea I had is. I don't plan on stopping these any time soon.

Next month will be Hungary! I'm aware that Hive13 is in the middle of a move, and in the upcoming months we'll play it by ear. If the kitchen is in enough of a state of moving chaos, I'm totally willing to host one at our house.

Thanks again!