Cooking the World : France


Cooking the World: France will be held Sunday, January 26th at Noon. We’re going to make Coq au Vin! It’s a rich chicken stew with red wine, bacon and mushrooms. It’s delicious! The ingredient list is here! We’re also going to have French cheese and bread. I will bring some from Silverglades, but it would be great to have a nice variety, so feel free to grab some. I’ll add some examples to the ingredient list. And if we’re having cheese, you know we have to have wine! I’ll grab a Côtes Du Rhône.and a Chardonnay, but feel free to also bring wine! There’s so many delicious varieties! For non alcoholic drinkers, we will have sparkling water with various syrups (so far I have rose and lemon planned)

I would like to have a headcount by Thursday, January 23rd so RSVP by then!

Looking forward to seeing you all! We’ve only been gone a month but it feels like El Salvador was foreeeeverrrr ago.

I will ask my mom for her coq au vin recipe and compare. Hers has its origins in our time living in France 1984-1985.

Oh awesome!! That would be great!

When in France in the 1980s, learn to cook and bake like the French.

Hi all!
This is this Sunday!

Please sign up for ingredients and/or let me know that you’re coming so I can start to get a headcount.


Barb and I are in. Will figure out ingredients contribution later.

Dave V

Count me in, and possibly Amanda.

I’ll make some loaves of poolish (it’s a French bread… just not French bread… whatever) if people want; is that close enough?

Yes! I love when you make bread!

"but I do it differently every time. :blush:I start with Julia’s (Julia Child / Mastering art of French cooking) method and adapt. There are so many variations! And differences depending on red/white wine, bone in/boneless etc.

Julia’s Basic Recipe
Use a large Dutch oven casserole
3-4 oz bacon cit into small pieces( I get the bacon trimmings from trader Joe & keep in the freezer)- brown in the casserole- add 2 Tbsp butter if the bacon is very lean

2-3 lb chicken (I prefer bone in breasts, but it could be a whole chicken cut up or breasts/thighs/legs) -brown chicken on all sides, remove to plate

Add 2 medium onions & 2 lg garlic cloves, chopped-saute- add butter if necessary
Add 1 tsp dried thyme, and approximately 1/4 c flour to make a roux ( depends on amt of fat- 1 T fat :1T flour)

Add 3c “full bodied” red wine- Julia is not particular; I usually use a cheaper Burgundy because my mom did🙂)
and 1 c chicken stock ( you can use beef or veggie stock also)

Stir until smooth & bring to simmer. Add the chicken to the pot again w/ juices And 1 -2 bay leaves & 5 peppercorns

I prefer to cook it in the oven- 350 for around 2 hrs You can add more wine/ stock / water if the sauce gets too thick

I put sliced mushrooms in for the last 30 min.
check if it needs salt, sprinkle e/ chopped parsley

If I use white wine i change the herbs to tarragon & sometimes add carrots and or leeks

If I want more of a creamy sauce, I Change up the proportion of stock/ wine to allow for adding cream or 1/2&1/2- use 1/2 c sherry- different dish

Hope this is what you are looking for… if you use beef in the basic recipe, it becomes Boeuf Bouguignon "

Alright, we’re switching to Dave’s mom’s recipe. She sounds adorable

Depending on how many people are attending, you could do one red one white. They’re both delicious.

Hey Kayla,

We’re looking at the ingredients list to figure out what to bring. It looks like you are doubling the recipe. If so based on Blundars copy we only need 6 lbs of chicken total. Is that correct?

We can bring the onion and more just want to make sure and get it right.

I did end up doubling the recipe, yeah, because Im always worried about there not being enough haha. I also figure people can bring Tupperware and take some home as well!

The spread sheet calls for a total of 12 pounds. That’s four times. Not two.

So are we making one recipe of the original recipe? And one of Blundar’s?
Or two of what. I’m just trying to figure out how much of what other stuff to sing up to bring.

I'm not sure where you're getting 12?
I have 3 lbs of white and 3 lbs of dark, which would be 6lbs of chicken total. Unless it somehow didn't update correctly?

It shows 6 pounds for thighs and 6 for breasts.

Weird. It was that way originally, but then I changed it early this morning.

Go off of Dave's recipe, but doubled. I'll try and figure out why the spreadsheet isn't doing what I want it to. Sorry

Hi all,
To avoid confusion, the spreadsheet ingredients are already doubled.

There may be an issue with having the ingredient list update? Here is the link to the most updated ingredient list. Sorry for any confusion. Originally, I had doubled the recipe I had found, then didn’t have as much interest as expected, so I doubled Dave B’s mom’s recipe.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!

This is today at noon! Come by, help make coq au Vin, drink wine, eat cheese and chill!