Cooking the World - Bangladesh!

Oh hello!
The first Cooking the World day was a lot of fun. Let’s keep it going!
The next one will be Saturday, August 24th starting at 2 pm
This recipe takes about 40 minutes with minimal prep work.

The next country we’re going to do is Bangladesh! They have a plethora of national dishes, but we’re gonna go with Macher Jhol, which is a simple, spicy fish stew that is served over rice. Recipe below!
Some notes; I looked through a LOT of recipes before going with this one. It calls for sea bass, but I saw cod and salmon listed as acceptable fish options. Traditionally it’s made with rohu, but I don’t think we’re likely to find that (I could be wrong!)
One of the ingredients, panch phoron, is also known as indian 5 spice. If we can’t find it, we can make it ourselves. Recipe below

As for beverages! Sugarcane juice is really big in Bangladesh! I’m gonna check Jungle Jims for it, and if they don’t have it, I saw it on Amazon, so I’ll snag some of that beforehand. Alcohol is heavily regulated in Bangladesh, so like Afghanistan, we won’t have an alcoholic beverage option.

Quick rundown of the ingredients needed. If there are items that no one has said they’re providing by Thursday, August 22nd I’ll pick those up.

  • 2 lbs sea bass / cod / salmon (I don’t mind getting this, I just don’t know which fish we’d like to go with. Also if someone else has a fish hookup (lol. that was actually unintentional) let me know. I’d probably just be getting it from Findlay because I don’t know better)
  • 5 tbsp mustard oil
  • 3 tbsp black mustard seeds
  • 1 tbsp panch phoron
    Or, if we’re making it:
  • 1 tbsp cumin seeds
  • 1 tbsp brown mustard seeds
  • 1 tbsp fennel seeds
  • 1 tbsp nigella seeds aka black cumin aka kalonji
  • 1 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds
    I know I have turmeric, salt, flour, corriander, garlic, chili powder and basmati rice, so I will bring those.

Feel free to bring friends and family! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

I went to Findlay market today and got the spice blend, black mustard seeds, an basmati rice (since apparently it's traditional to serve it over rice)
I intend on getting some sea bass on Friday since I saw multiple recipes citing that as a suitable substitute, and ordered the sugarcane juice today!

Looking forward to seeing people next weekend!

Got the mustard oil!

The only thing left is the fish! I’ll grab that Friday, unless someone else would care to.

Also, turns out the sugarcane juice I went to order right after posting this is no longer available. So I might have bought a sugar cane. Apparently you just wash it, cut off the hard, outer layer, and then throw it in a blender. Not totally sure how to go about cutting off the hard, outer layer but I mean, if anywhere is equipped to take on a sugar cane, it’s the hive, right?

I (we) are going to try to make it to this event. I hedge a little since this weekend should be glorious from a temperature perspective and I need to get on top of some home projects that simply stall when it is so stupid hot outside.

You can borrow my machete. Sugar cane is some seriously tough stuff. I’ve watched cane juice be made in St. Croix and it basically consists of hacking up the fresh raw cane followed by churning it through a press which squeezes the juice from it. You can probably make a reasonable approximation of sugar cane juice from a RAW unprocessed sugar and juice. Dean’s Mediterranean at findlay is going to be a solid resource for this.

I grew up in Louisiana, sugar cane country. Here is a picture of available vintage sugar cane mill hardware that would get the job done.


Yup, that’ll do it. Cane juice is some serious stuff, isn’t it Jim?

I’m excited to try this stuff, the sugar cane will just be a fun adventure on the side, haha

It is looking likely that I will be able to make it! I will probably be at the Hive for a while before this event working in the electronics lab

Sorry, I'm delayed in responding haha.
Yeah, the sugarcane juice very well may not work out, but it'll still be fun haha. I was skeptical of my online research already, but seems like you guys have much more experience with sugar cane than I do. Worst case we have a sticky table and I'm out $2.99.
Yay Dave Schwinn! Will you be bringing Kate and Sophia? (Sofia? Im not sure how she spells her name)

No, I’ll be solo. Kate started a new job and works Saturdays. Sophia is at her dad’s house.

Well I'm still glad you could make it!

Just a heads up that I will still be there and participate today but I may eat very lightly, as in a bite. I try to eat super low carb and last night I ate an entire pizza washed down with a few beers. I blew my carb budget for a month. See you at 2!

Kayla, whereabouts did you find the black mustard seeds in Findlay Market?

I have asked at least twice to get them from Penzey’s (which has yellow & brown mustard seeds in bulk), and each time they gave me some sort of strange answer like “the FDA doesn’t allow us to sell that.”

If you FIND black mustard seed, i’ll put in an order for some! Just let me know how much I owe you. I’ve never seen it and need to make more mustard.

I got them from Dean's! Honestly I didn't know they were hard to come by haha. I can grab some more when I go grab some fish this morning

I’m almost certain I bought a ton of it at once years ago in Jagdeep’s Indian Grocery, but was looking for someplace closer and/or smaller quantities.

Also, Will, I’d be interested in what mustard recipe you use… unless it’s some sort of weapons-grade mustard that can also be used to etch metal, in which case I’ll give it a miss. I have used some recipes with a basic formula of equal-parts yellow/brown whole mustard seeds, soaked in vinegar overnight, blended and left to age for a few weeks, then finished off with some additional spices/sweeteners - but I feel like all the ones I tried were spicy enough, but just otherwise a bit bland.

So I now am bringing the stuff I got from Dean's, the stuff I didn't realize I had from an Indian grocery store, and the stuff I just got from colonel de's. So uh, black mustard seed for all?

I am interested in Mustard making club. I’ve made several before with varying degrees of success and have wanted to return to doing it again. I also found that obtaining mustard seed was the prohibiting thing that made me stop.

I am interested in sampling previously mentioned mustards haha