Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2015

I am pleased to report that Hive13’s application for the Cincinnati Maker Faire has been accepted. The Maker Faire will take place at the Cincinnati Museum Center, August 29 and 30.

I would like to create a Maker Faire staging area at the Hive next month, using our gray plastic folding tables. If anyone has brilliant ideas regarding a location for said tables, suggestions would be appreciated. My first thought is in an L arrangement to the right of the front door in front of the lockers and storage shelves.

We will be seeking volunteers and interesting projects for display over the next few weeks. Please reply on this thread or contact a Hive13 officer you are interested in participating.

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Maker and Vendor Agreement_2015.pdf (396 KB)

I will be there in some manner to help out. As time progresses I will come up with more ideas.

I am thinking of showcasing some of the costuming our members work on. And possibly have a worktable for people to make basic costume pieces (like the learn to Souder booth)
Daniel McNamara

And… er… just ignore that attachment. I’ll handle confirming our attendance with the CMC.

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As always, we will need instructors for the “learn to solder” table.

Possibly more than usual, since my son and I may not be able to be there.


I will be there as much as I possibly can. At this point, I have no competition for that time and I will keep it that way. I can help out with the solder station.

I will bring at least 1 Delta 3D Printer (Honeypot w/ Octopi), if it fits in with the theme. I may have as many as 4 Delta 3D Printers to showcase (Honeypot, Stinger, and 2 Hive Array Cells).


Do we know where our booth is going to be situated yet? That may change how we want to set up the tables. I think putting one folding table near the front would be a good idea!

I will be making a nasa parawing kite probably in hive colors that I want to display at the makerfaire. My initial plans right now have it being ~1m x ~2m. Could be hung on the wall behind us and depending on the weather maybe they would let it fly outside? (you can stake them in the ground and have it fly by itself pretty much)

I am willing to help out with the learn to solder for a couple of shifts again.


I’d also love to help with anything that day.

I am working on making a neat looking strandbeest as a hands on demonstration for people to play with. It highlights CAD work, mechanical design and laser cutting.

Also as mentioned in the meeting I am going to get another run of Hive t-shirts done for the makerfair and open house. That way we look like a cohesive and recognisable team. More details on that to come this week.

I would also like to help at the cincinnati makerfaire. I’m currently working on a simple keychain that’s laser cut filled with glow pigment and resin. Attached is a example as to how they would look.


Those who were there last year can attest that the learn to solder event generally had a line the entire time, even when there were 4 instructors. So anyone looking for something to do can put in a shift or two teaching and it will be well appreciated. :slight_smile: