Cincinnati MAkerfaire 2016 Signups

Hey folks,

The link above is for registering for the Cincinnati makerfaire. Please write down your name, and use the drop down arrows to select what times you would like to work those events. The Cincinnati Makerfaire will be at the Hamilton county fairgrounds this year from October 8th to the 9th from 10am to 6pm. If you are free on those days, come down and help represent the hive!

Here’s some information about the events:

Power Tool Drag Racing
When you see power tools and you think “more power”, then you might be interested in power tool drag racing. We modify belt sander and angle grinders and then race them down a 70’ track. Attending many of these events, I can attest that seeing an angle grinder fly down that track in 2 seconds flat is a sight to behold!
Responsibility: You will help stage the power tool drag racers, reset the windicator, and operate the track retrieval system (i.e. petal car). You can be social to spectators around the track, but is not required. This is an outside attraction, however you are right next to the beer garden. Lucky.

Hive Booth
The hive booth is a representation of what the hive is about. This ranges from showing off cool projects (like Galileo’s finger), and to display projects that you have been working on (such as that project that you’ve been working on). If you have a project that you are working on that you would like to show off, then volunteer here. If you don’t have a project, but like to talk to strangers about how awesome our amazing magnificent group is, then this would be right up your alley as well. This also might include a demonstration project or two, of which is TBA.
Responsibility: To stand around and talk to people about the magnificent and totally classy makerspace that you are a member of, talk about what our group is about, and potentially butter up prospective members to come check out our space and become a member. Bonus points for making awesome networking opportunities for hive 13 (the bonus points would be in the form of cookies that I will give you).

Learn 2 Soldier
No makerfaire is a true makerfaire unless there is a learn 2 soldier booth. We have held the proud tradition of being that force at the Cincinnati makerfaire as long as I can remember, bringing smiles and flashy lights to our future makers. Last year was the first time I ever soldered, and I picked it up 30 minutes before showing hundreds of kids how to solder. So don’t let the name intimidate you, if I can learn to solder in 30 mins, I bet you can figure it out in half the time.
Responsibility: You will teach kids not to grab a hot iron (by showing them how to hold an unplugged iron). You will walk them through soldering an led and battery case. You might have to help hold the iron or the solder for some of the younger children. You supply the child with a battery and a magnet, and you are all set. This area is located in the same area as the hive booth, inside a building. This is a surprisingly rewarding experience IMO. Soldering stations can be busy, but with enough people to swap back and forth it makes this booth easy peazy.

After Party
The after party is a celebration for those who we cannot thank enough for putting in their time and effort into making the makerfaire a wonderful experience for fellow makers, future makers, and for hive 13 as a whole. We want the after party to be small, but we do want to invite fellow makers from the makerfaire (and maybe a few potential members) down to mingle with our group. This won’t be a rave, but a nice small casual social setting.
Responsibility: As a volunteer at the After Party, your job is to make sure people who worked the faire take a load off. There might be people that want to check out the space, and your job will be to give tours and answer questions people might have. This isn’t a difficult job, for the most part you get to be chatting up with r2d2 and drone racers and occasionally giving a tour. No biggie.

My thanks to anyone who signs up. Makerfaire is one of the ways that the hive gives back to the community, and that’s really what we are all about, right? It’s not just about what we can get out of it, but it’s about what we put into something. It’s about the things we make. We make experiences for people at makerfaire. We spark ideas. We make stories for fathers/mothers to tell to their children. We inspire children to push the limits of what can be and what will be, and they eventually grow up to carry our love and passion for making into something bigger and better than we could ever create on our own.

We can make the world a better place, but It all has to start somewhere. Might as well start with us.

Is there a plan for loading the PTDR stuff at the Hive? What time should I show up on Saturday?

We are planning on meeting at the Hive Friday afternoon (say 1:00idh) and heading to the location for the 4:00 setup.



Thanks Brad. I’ve got to work, so that doesn’t work with my schedule.

I’ve signed up for the morning shift on Saturday, so I’ll show up at the Hamilton Faire Grounds at 9 am. Do I need a special badge or something to get in? What about parking?

I am not sure of that. I think Dustin was working with the Mini Maker Faire folks. Perhaps he has a contact or more info.
Jim also may have a contact.

It would be great if everyone could wear their HIVE13 shirts. If you don’t have one, I believe we still have some in a box at the hive.

I do not have one, but I can wear something suitable generic. (ie single color T-shirt) If you know which box that would be helpful.

I believe they are above the coat rack. Elly can tell you how much they are. I think.

Just thought about something.
Will they be providing tables for us (LTS, projects, PTDR)?



I don’t get off work until 4, but I can go over Friday and help. I assume it’s at the fairgrounds?

I have signed up - putting myself in random places. basically feel free to move me around to places as needed. Unfamiliar with the powertool drag racing, but I’m sure I can pick it up quickly. I have to open a center on Saturday at 8am but can be whereever by 9:30 am.

Just for information.

Power Tool Drag Racing (PTDR) is a fun event that does not require any special skill or expertise. (as evident by all of us that have been doing it for a while) :grinning:

Basically we have a 75 foot long drag race for two power tools. The racers (usually kids) press a button when the lights count down and then the tools scoot down the track and the winner’s lane lights up. The racers are then returned to the start and it happens over, and over, and over, again. The kids love it, especially when they beat their parents and older siblings.

We do have some fancy/scary pro racers that we run about once an hour but those are carefully setup and run rarely since they tear up the track.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before. It is mostly keeping folks away from the edge of the track and doing a simple task like placing the racer back on the track.

If we can get a medium amount of people to volunteer then it really can be fun. Seven hours straight can get a bit tiring . . . Any time would be appreciated!

Fellow Maker Faire Volunteers:

Here is some extra information for those planning to volunteer and help at the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire this weekend.

Historic Hamilton County Fairgrounds (HCFG)
Directions: Take I-75 to Paddock Road exit #9 and then go 1/2 mile to GPS address 7700 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45216​
Weekend schedule:

  • Friday, Oct. 7
    02:00pm to 04:00pm = Meet at Hive13, load PTDR in pick-up truck and van(s), depart for HCFG
    04:00pm to 09:00pm = Arrive at HCFG, unpack and setup PTDR track
  • Saturday, Oct. 8
    07:00am to 10:00am = Pre-show, remaing PTDR setup and prep
    10:00am to 11:00am = Buffer time
    11:00am to 06:00pm = Maker Faire Show Time ($7.00 general public adult/child ticket, $3.00 parking)
    06:00pm to 08:00pm = Maker Faire general public attendees leave, prep for separate evening program
    08:00pm to 11:00pm = CurioCity: Make Believe Masquerade Film Festival Evening Program ($15.00 adult ticket)
  • Sunday, Oct. 9
    09:00am to 11:00am = Pre-show, remaing PTDR setup and prep
    11:00am to 06:00pm = Maker Faire Show Time
    06:00pm to 09:00pm = Tear-down, pack-out, and return to unload PTDR at Hive13 to be done

There is a specific maker parking area (arrive before, don’t leave till after) and more last-minute information to come later,


FYI I won’t be there for load in at all on Friday. Are there people available for that tomorrow for most of learn to solder and the Hive booth? We will have a bit of time to set up everything in proper order the day of beforehand, but things need to get there.

I can be there for l2s as much as we need. I checked my pencils and they are hosed, but I can bring my station for the event. I can be at the hive by 4pm

I’m most likely not going to make it, due to some back problems that would preclude me from bending over a soldering iron. In the past we’ve used a bunch of super cheap irons that are unfortunately in the trunk of my car, plus my slightly nicer personal iron.

Are you guys going to be covered on the iron front?

Also, here is the checklist I use every year to pack up everything used in setup.

So I’m still unclear on how we’re getting into the Faire or where to park. Since we need to show up early, seems like there needs to be some sort of early access/vendor pass. I expect parking to be a similar issue.

Any answers to this? Can I leave some contact info with somebody when we’ve got an answer to these questions?

I think Jim has some info.
When we meet up at the Hive this afternoon we should have some info.
I’ll probably be there around 2:00 ish.

I don’t have access to my Hive13 account so I can’t modify this spreadsheet easily.

I have to work Saturday morning. I’ll be done somewhere between noon and 2. I plan on coming down to help afterwards. I figure I’ll probably mostly work learn to solder but I can flex as needed.

I have to take my daughter to a birthday party at 11 on Sunday in Eastgate and drop the other one off with grandma. I should be able to make it over between noon and 1pm and I’ll stay for duration + teardown. I figure I’ll probably mostly work learn to solder but I can flex as needed, especially with regards to teardown.


Here is some additional information from Jim, sharing this via Google Drive, since he and Brad don’t seem to know how.

Interesting bits:

During your setup you will receive red wristbands for all the makers/volunteers associated with your group. It is your responsibility to distribute wristbands to those in your group; everyone is expected to have a wristband.

⦁ If you are going to be at the event the entire day (11-6), you may park in our maker and
vendor lot. This can be accessed by pulling your vehicle around to the designated area
(will be marked) or you may enter on the 77th Street side (runs between Vine and
Anthony Wayne). This gate and area will be closed for traffic once the event starts at
11am, and we will not open the 77th gate until after 6pm. All vehicles parked in the
Maker and Vendor lot will exit out of the 77th gate, so that there is no vehicle traffic in
pedestrian walkways.
⦁ If you have VOLUNTEERS, or other people helping you run your booth in shifts
throughout the day, you will need to direct them to the regular visitor parking lot.
Please inform them to tell the lot attendant that they are a maker/vendor/volunteer.
We will provide you with wristbands for your group. Once other members of your
group arrive, it is your responsibility to distribute the red wristband. Everyone must
wear one throughout the event. You may access this lot by entering at the Vine Street
gate, and turning left toward the ticket taking entrances. Our volunteers will guide you
to the parking area and help you find a spot. You may come and go from this lot
throughout the day, please wear your wristbands during the entirety of the event.

Which leaves the question, who is distributing the wristbands for the Hive?