Chess Club

Alright you chess nerds, I know you're out there. Report for duty!

We need regular weekly/bi-weekly games, and tournaments w/ the normal
shitty prizes (soda, candy, bragging rights, etc).

This also includes some custom boards we need to make, that vacuum
tube board was pretty beastly:

Giant Chess, oh yes:

And of course, beer chess:

You know what to do...

I know how to play but im not to good. Im expecting its free?

You'll have to show me how to move the pieces...

Pawns first time can go twice or once forward, once after that.
diagonal to attack.
castle left right up or down how ever many spots.
bishop diagonal any way, any spaces.
king one space all derections.
queen however many spots, eachway.
I beleive that is it!

Most definitely, Amanda and myself just recently started play this
week, one game a night. We're already starting to get up on our
strategies. All for fun of course :smiley:

The freeness is probably for hive members only, though outside members
would probably be allowed with a small regular donation (maybe, $5 per
month or $1 per meetup).



Thats fine with me!!

Oh yes and the horse makes a 4 square L too.

I Can bring in a board and peices maybe. No cool stuff, just normal.

There is a glass set at toys r us for 9.99.

I used to occasionally go to the chess club meetings when I was in
highschool, I got to be pretty good, but that was 5+ years ago since I
went to my last one and I have forgotten most of the strategies.

I have been interested in custom chess boards for a while though, I am
especially interested in strange board configurations, like, how would
you set up a 3 way chess board? or maybe a 4 way chess board?

In any case, I am up for a game night, we could do other board games
or maybe card games if people wished it.

- Paul

I was on the chess team and would love to start playing regularly once again. I’m pretty sure i have >3 boards + a clock around here somewhere.

Settlers of Catan has a special place in my heart as well.

I have a glass set.

BTW Toys r us costs more than other toy places.

Anyone want to play a game after Tuesday's meeting? I can bring a
board for temporary usage :smiley:

I would!!

Sounds good, I'll bring it and just set it up on the table tomorrow.
xaphan: if you wanted to bring your clock that would be cool, but not
necessary atm if you don't feel like it.


I figure other boardgames like Risk and etc fall into this category

I really want to!!!

I was on the chess team. I was the best player in the school who never
spent time in a mental ward. But that's a story for another day.
Either way I'd like to start playing chess again against real humans.
Would anyone be interested in trying a game like Go? Then I might be
able to progress from "don't remember the rules" to "really suck at
Or Nomic (

if i can make it tomorrow ill bring my go board as well.