Chess Club

I’d be interested in this, if only to get schooled and maybe learn a few things. :slight_smile:


I’m down if it leads to building a holographic chess board so I can pull peoples arms out of their sockets. :wink:

I do know that there are a decent number of Catan players. I need to get Vendy’s set back to him.


I am thinking building a 3D chess board (like Star Trek: TOS). Holographic 3D where you can pull peoples arms out of their sockets seems much cooler.

I'm assuming I'd be Threepio and you'd be Chewy, Erik?

... Oh dear!

Also, I am an indecent Catan player, but very supportive of the idea.

It's alright, sometimes catan is better in the nude.

Leave it to Ello to bring the weird.

Whats this I am reading?! We are going to have a no pants party? WOOHOOO

He said he was an indecent catan player... I was just taking him literally.