Call for Volunteers for Saturday, January 21st, Noon to remove plywood

On Dec 13th we voted to remove all non-hive owned plywood not in member storage. This was reaffirmed again tonight when the Hive vote against buying some of the lumber for use in classes and member purchase, bringing an end to the counter proposals.

To honor the original Dec 13th vote, I’d like to organize a work party to remove any remaining plywood this Saturday, Jan 21st, starting at noon, and stacking it on the back dock.

I will come to assist I will have a bit over an hour.

I will be available.

If we are not any longer supplying practice blanks for the CNC class, let me know.

(not a problem to stop supplying them, I just need to know what to tell the attendees.)


As per the vote from this Tuesday we did NOT buy any plywood for classes. I’m planning on removing the plywood on Saturday, if it’s not gone before then. So for the class this Saturday if you can work something out with Coy I think you’re good.

hey John
there are two sheets of 5’x5’ plywood we can plan to use for saturday’s class. there are currently 3 students signed up and 3 open spots. shoot me an email if you want me to meet you down there sometime tomorrow for any prep work.


I will work something out. It’s ok to remove all the plywood.

Not a problem for the class.

Thanks for the feedback.

FWIW, you can get birch plywood at the following locations:

  1. Doppes - 4x8 sheets $10 delivery
  2. Home Depot - 4x8 sheets
  3. Menards - 4x8 sheets
  4. Frank Paxton - 5x5 sheets

I believe the quality of the boards from Doppes/Home Depot is not quite to the same level as the true baltic birch 5x5 sheets. I’m not sure about Menards, I’ve got a sheet of 3/4" from them if anybody would like to examine it. It seems fine on the outside, but could be concealing voids, like the birch I got from Doppes.

The various big box stores may also have smaller birch plywood sheets, I haven’t checked. I do know they sell smaller sheets of pine plywood as “project boards”. They also will happy cut the 4x8 sheets into 4x4 or smaller. I believe that 4x4 is small enough to go into the back seat of a typical sedan.

Frank Paxton has “true” Baltic birch, in the 5x5 sheet.

Just a reminder, currently the sensor on the gantry is damaged and needs ordered, soldered, and replaced. So for now have the students skip the ref all home button.

I believe I have a single full sheet of Coy’s plywood owed to me by way of replacement for an earlier borrowed sheet. Consider it donated to the CNC classes. I’ll be at the space Friday and Saturday, and will locate and label it as such.

  • Ry

Ryan’s sheet is located in my vertical storage unit.

Thanks for the reminder!


We should be able to put a micro-switch in its place just for safety sake. I’d still not calibrate to the mechanical switch, as it won’t be worth fully calibrating it.

Hey all,

In the spirit of openness and transparency, leadership would like to update everyone and relay some information regarding this issue.

Coy approached leadership about further postponement, not being able to get the wood removed by this Saturday, but rather by the 29th. Please find below in blue the solution and message that was sent in reply. Further, I know we’ve got volunteers on this thread to help move it, however if anyone wants to offer up a truck or other assistance, I’m sure that would be much appreciated. (I cannot speak on if the issue is a vehicle or otherwise, but if it is a vehicle, I know we’ve got that resource generously covered).

Lastly, we decided to share this information because we believe it should be open that we:

A. are acting with proper communication and openness (to individual party and general membership)
B. are still being reasonable and responsible
C. are not acting too quickly, sneakily, subversively, or in any way unfairly
D. do not wish to damage the wood
E. want to facilitate the timely and safe removal of the wood
F. are following a clearly established timeline
G. intend to uphold votes that are conducted appropriately, even if they are controversial to a few and not unanimous; this is a primary purpose and expectation of leadership


We have a duty to uphold votes of the membership; it is unacceptable to our democracy and disrespectful to the membership at large to do otherwise.

This is the amicable solution we propose:

Saturday, the plywood will be moved out of the Hive’s space and into the back hallway/holding area, not the back dock. The Hive will not be responsible for any loss or damage, nor be responsible should any disputes arise between other tenants or Garden Street as a result of the wood being there. This upholds the votes and removes the wood from the Hive’s space, but keeps the plywood from being damaged by the elements while you can make arrangements. This is with the expectation that it will be removed by your self-imposed deadline of January 29th. After January 29th, if the wood still remains, it will then be moved to the back dock as originally stated, under the roof with a tarp placed over it to help further protect it.

A post will also be made on the mailing list to update the membership, and request assistance to help find a solution to remove it. There are many members with resources that can be tapped when needed.



I’m glad this has been posted to the entire membership. I’m once again disappointed with our leadership and their inflexibility to work with normal members. It just baffles me that after I was granted permission to postpone the removal of this plywood that I’m only afforded a few days after leadership changed it’s mind. I have been working with the understanding that I was supposed to rework a tabled vote that I proposed. Unfortunately I am unable to to meet leadership’s short timeline and offered to have things completed the following weekend. I would love for someone to explain the inconvenience this causes and the harm of waiting a few more days. The plywood is currently in a space that is not being utilized for anything else and is not causing any problems.

If I wasn’t granted permission to leave this plywood here in the first place I would have had it removed when I had the previous medium CNC removed.

I could be wrong but when discussing the group buy option and when the wood would be moving out was the 31st? I don’t know with the minutes what it says buy when trying to find out a solution that might work for all during the discussion part. When I was talking about this vote note using the hives money however the upcoming vote be able to place inventory numbers and not use hive money. Not trying to make this complicated, it’s just what my dad and I are pretty sure we heard.

Well, I’m no linguist. But I’ll do my best to interpret.

“Leadership changed it’s mind” seems to be code for “The membership voted… twice for some reason.”

“short timeline” roughly translates to “Three week since a binding vote, plus several more weeks of both public and private notice before that.”

I’ve been doing my best to stay out of this bullshit drama, but I’m sick of it. So here goes.

The harm is in ignoring the (multiple) votes of the membership. I don’t know how long it takes to ‘rework’ a vote, but somehow we have managed to have multiple votes on the same topic in the meantime. Funny how it always seems to be “just a few more days”. Please tell me, how many do-overs would be fair? And also, the argument that the “space is not being utilized for anything else” is circular reasoning and therefore a logical fallacy. It cannot be used for anything else until the plywood is removed. That’s the whole point.

I don’t honestly care about the wood. I do care that you have fought tooth and nail against what the overwhelming majority of the membership voted for every inch of the way. And it is getting really. fucking. old.

  • Ian B.


Here are the points you are missing. Everything has done with permission. If I didn’t have permission things would have been moved out when I removed the medium CNC and wood storage. I have cooperated and do think we should honor membership votes.

At no time after I had permission to work on a flat storage vote did anyone mention a date that I needed to have things done by. If someone had asked I had a personal timeline of by the end of the month which is well within normal Hive speed. I have been communicating with members to get their points of view and looking to have a solution that met everyone’s concerns. Tiffany’s vote was not mine. I didn’t even vote for it because at the meeting I saw how many people were opposed of using Hive funds. My plan took those voices and many others into consideration. After her vote didn’t pass why everyone assumed this was my revised proposal is beyond me.

If my timing wasn’t moving fast enough someone could have mentioned it. The first and only communication I received that I no longer had permission to have this plywood at the space was Andrew’s post on the mailing list telling everyone he was having a moving party. This was a classless act and a real failure in communication. I’m not fighting anyone about moving this or honoring our memberships vote. I’m just asking for some consideration.

Leadership can take the position that I should have known but the right thing to do would have been to try a little communication.

Andrew, Coy, Elly, leadership?

Is there anyway to at least come to a compromise and allow coy a short period of time at least to line up a truck, move it once and move it right given it is expensive wood and quote a big of it? I see both sides of this and honestly will a few days kill us on the long term as a group just to get both issues addressed. Have it be a timely win = win for both parties that gets the wood out as well as the possibility for damage problems etc. and have a set date in stone. It’s just sad seeing this having to go such a hectic route and possibly a set in stone agreement can be reached.

This is something I hate to see with a group of professional yet compassionate people. We all have come together despite differences to overcome obstacles. I know it is absolute the wood has to go and if coy Is willing to set an exact date with brining a truck, uhaul, whatever down to protect his investment I hope differences can be put aside on both sides. I’d rather see this end with a hand shake and a thank you rather than continued tension.

I would try to protect anyone else’s investment the same and I mean anyones! I don’t want tension at meetings or having to vent at one another over frustration because we are good people. I’ll be clear again this is with the full understanding it HAS TO GO. however can we please work on a solution to get the means in place to make it a move from where it’s at onto a truck and moved out in a way that will remove the chance for future bad blood.

It just is sad seeing a shared workspace have more drama piled on top of things as well as tension. I will not have Internet coverage on my phone tomorrow I have to swing out by the farm and to dinner out past bethel lol but I do get a little cell phone service. If a date can be figured out and help needed call me if something gets worked out 513 478 4858. Have a nice weekend everyone and keep calm and carry on :slight_smile:

Sorry to be long winded…

The entirety of your point hinges on having been given “permission”. I have not see any such permission given in any of the methods of communication that I have access to. And even if I am missing it (quite possible) I’m not sure whose permission it is that you think overrides a vote of the membership.

What I am certain that you were informed of, because I am the one who did so, was that there were no guarantees beyond the Jan 1st deadline set by the first vote and that the safest course of action would be to take the property in question home and return it if a second vote passed. You chose not to do so.

  • Ian B.