CAC Makerspace Events

Jaime from the Contemporary Arts Center asked me to pass this message along as a follow up to Tuesday’s meeting:

I am looking for 2-5 people to come help lead projects or show off their own projects tied to this year’s CAC Makerspace program. The first session is May 13th and I am looking for people to show off their Super Hero gadgets or technology inspired by super hero’s (think bionic limbs, lie detectors, audio amplifiers, etc.). For this session we already have two projects (I need a few more) –cape and mask making and a magneto inspired magnet experiment table.

I can pay $100-150 (depending on how many people help out) and you would be able to hang a Hive13 sign and be called a partner for the event. I will also need help with the other two events if the group is interested. I can also reimburse parking.

The attached flyer was intended to be printed and left at Hive13. It describes the events and solicits help from members.


getting volunteers.docx (744 KB)

I would love to come if I wasn’t out of town for work. Have fun.

I am working on making a wearable Iron Man Arc Reactor (Mark II) for the event! Fingers crossed that it will be done on time. I would love to go!


Seems like a fun event, although I’ll be out of town that day myself.

An easy activity could be to get together a few “Learn to draw Superheros!” type books and some art supplies.

Elly, curious about your arc reactor. Have you seen adafruit’s version?


That would be great Elly! Jaime is planning to make an Iron Man based project for the guests to build. It would be palm repulsors - LEDs in a glove with some sort of circular light diffuser.

Anybody ready with a super hero related project they'd like to show off this Wednesday at the CAC? Let us know if you'd like to help or attend. Looking forward to seeing you there!


We still need a volunteer or two for this. Nancy, if you happen to read this, would you be willing to work with us at the CAC in aiding attendees make super hero costumes tomorrow evening? We can pay you $75 and maybe even an adult beverage.

I am still planning on going to help, and Jon is also coming along to help. I am still working on the arc reactor, and /might/ have it done in time. I am going to at least try to have something to show, even if it isn’t finished or wearable yet!

Sure!! I thought this was a daytime thing (when I’m at work)

Where is this and where do I park?