Annual election and bylaw revision meeting announcement

Hey everyone!

It is summer again which means it will soon be time to have the annual election and bylaw revision meeting!

At the last board meeting we decided that Tuesday, July 21st would be the meeting for the elections and the vote on any bylaw changes. Please put this date on your calendars, as it is impreative that we have at least 2/3 of the membership vote in election/bylaw changes to satisfy quorum. As usual, the vote will be open for at least one week online, to vote by proxy.

Nominations for board and officers will be open from now until Tuesday, July 14th, one week prior to the anual meeting. To run for one of these positions you will have to be a full member or equivalent for three consecutive months before the election as well as during your term.

These are the positions available and the paraphrased description from the bylaws of each:

Five board of directors positions

  • Directors help guide the organization to make sure that it is keeping true to its purpose.


  • The president represents the Hive to the public and helps provide communication between the leadership (board of directors and officers) and the membership.


  • Keeps track of finances and pays rent, reimburses approved budgets, etc.


  • The secretary keeps records of all meetings, provides notice of meetings and votes, and keeps/organizes membership applications, liability waivers, etc.


  • The CTO makes sure that IT infrastructure (websites, servers, computers, etc) is maintained and improved.


  • The COO is responsible for the safety, security, and tidiness of the physical space as well as providing logistical support for classes, workshops, meetings, etc. The COO also manages a $100/mo budget for repairs, maintenance, etc of the space. If the bylaw vote passes the COO will also be in charge of managing the area wardens and their budget.

Please reply to this email with any nominations (most people nominate themselves). Before nominating yourself, or accepting a nomination, ensure you have read and understand the requirements and expectations of that position.


After discovering as CTO that one should not seek to replicate their day job in their leisure time, I’ll throw my hat in the ring for president and a board position this year.

  • Ry

I second ryan for any hive postion!

I will self-nominate to continue my current tenure and run once again for the Treasurer and a Board Member position in the next administration.

Jim Dallam

I am writing to nominate myself for board member at large.

I am extremely motivated to serve this community further. After serving 2 other fab-lab / hackerspaces (Los Angeles & Albuquerque), I observe the community here to be uniquely strong and singularly motivating. More recently, I have devoted much of my time to contributing to Hive13. I plan to continue doing so regardless of position.

Finally, 10 years of work in Universities has made me a pretty resourceful cat wrangler.


Nice meme.

I’ll throw my hat in for COO.

I will also be running for COO again!

I’ll add my name for the board also.

I am self nominating for a board position. This is in the hopes that I will be able to maintain my woodworking warden status as well, should I be voted in as a board member and it not be too overwhelming doing both.

I am excited for the opportunity to help guide the Hive forward with our goals and mission, seek more funding, and expand our external connections and resources.

I would like to nominate (with his permission and acceptance) Dave Lear for a board of directors position.

I’d like to nominate Dark Ian for board position (with his permission and acceptance). I remember you talking about it, and I think you have some good ideas that will help out the hive. =)

Several people did not realize something about the bylaw revisions so I just want to clear this up:

Anyone (even non members) are welcome to suggest revisions/tweaks/etc to the bylaws. It is NOT limited to just the leadership.

We have one revision slated to be voted on for this annual meeting (the finalized text will go up some time this week). The deadline (as listed above) is July 14th for both bylaw revisions and officer/director nominations.

Don’t know how many board members there are but I would like to run or contribute to the hive in some way

Thanks Dustin. I will indeed be throwing my hat in the ring for both CTO and Board Member.

  • Ian B.

Per the current bylaws there is 5 position for the board of directors. You can read the current bylaws here:
I am having issues finding the membership addendum, which specifies the time someone has to be a standing member to be eligible for a board or officer position. Do not quote me on this, it is either 3 or 6 months. I believe it’s 3 months.

Daniel McNamara


To all people who are running for director or officer positions:

Please read all of the way through the bylaws (which can be found through the wiki, or directly here:

Make sure you fully understand what being on the board of directors entails as well as officer positions, depending on what you are running for.

Thank you to everyone who is running!

Just a reminder that at midnight tonight no more nominations will be accepted or bylaw revision proposals.

So far this is the list of people who have been nominated and accepted those nominations:
Board of Directors: Jim Dallam, Ryan Hershey, Lorin Parker, Daniel McNamara, Elly Hall, Dave Lear, and Ian Blais
President: Ryan Hershey
Treasurer: Jim Dallam
CTO: Ian Blais
COO: Jon Neal, Daniel McNamara
Secretary: None

Bylaw revisions: Previously posted area warden update for the COO position (I will post it in this thread after the board meeting tonight)

Thanks to all who are running!

I’ll throw my hat into the ring for a Board seat as well.