Xavier University looking for an adjunct instructor on topics related to the innards of a 3D printer

Xavier University is seeking an adjunct instructor for its Fall 2018 MAKE 201 course.

The course is a second year course in the Human-Centered Making program. It concentrates on the technology underlying digital fabrication devices. Topics include gcode; the structure and mechanics of 3D printers, laser etchers, and CNC mills; and microprocessors. Students assemble fabrication devices and learn to program microcontrollers to negotiate digital interactions with the physical world.

Ideally, the instructor would be able to teach the following:

  • The basics of gcode instructions and their use in fabrication tools
  • Simple soldering
  • Basics of wiring on a breadboard
  • Use of servo motors and gcode to control movement
  • Gears / gear ratios, mechanics of movement
  • Basics of arduinos and simple programs on the arduino
  • Simple designs for devices such as 3D printers
  • Debugging of mechanical issues

The target final project in the course is the construction of a 3D printer, such as the Prusa i3 from, e.g.,https://toms3d.org/2017/02/23/building-cheapest-possible-prusa-i3-mk2/

As an accredited institution, Xavier University requires either 18 hours of advanced relevant work, a relevant M.S. degree (or higher), or five years of relevant experience in the area of instruction. At the time of hire, you will need to be able to provide a resume, transcript, and relevant information to permit the hiring. (We can help you navigate the process of documenting experience as needed, given this particular topic…)

The course runs from August 20 – December 10.

To discuss the course possibilities further, please contact Gary Lewandowski, lewandow@xavier.edu.