Wow prints!

New ultimaker 2 – purchased with Shroff foundation grant to be joint UC, Community education, Hive13 ownership. It’s tuning up nicely. Still tweaky – these need time to settle and careful attention to tension and bowden feed, as well as nozzle upgrades – otherwise, in a lab setting, they chew the filament and jam easily.

Speed now up to 6mm^3 per second or more!

I’ll bring it in today and tomorrow. I’m still tweaking before I can place at Hive13 for extended stay (it will live at hive mostly, but travel to my classroom, library, for class use during class periods.

We’re starting with a big eNable print to send parts to the 3rd world (2500 prosthetics are needed {we’ll be able to do a few}).

Might be a good rig to print the deltas and other rep rap parts on…


Man, ultimakers print so nicely!

Lorin, I dont know if you noticed this spool holder yet but I bought an extra bearing to make one for the printer at the hive. I made one for mine and it kicks complete ass. Let me know if you would like me to print it or if you want to. The actual bearing holder itself 100% infill it lol !! here is the link

I also forgot to add these things as well. these feet are awesome I silicone glued cork (I have sheets of it) to the bottom of the feet and it gives it an ultra sturdy base and wont slide around and helps slightly with vibration

and this tool tray to hold cutters for when changing filaments to keep them from jamming in the isolation tube and hold allen keys in case fans come loose etc works great