Would you like me to loan 1" belt & disc bench sander?

Any wish for having this around? Works well, has hookup for shopvac to catch dust.

I have used it primarily for finishing up metal and fiberglass after saw, shear, and/or lathe (Al and brass). Pretty solid for small parts, de-burring, etc.

I'm fine with it if folks don't start aggressive jamming stuff in there (it's a sander, not a shaper or grinder.





This are awesome tools and would make a great addition. But would the belt upkeep be.

1"x30" belt size. About $1 to $2 for a metal oxide. Standard 5" disc (few dollars).


I would love to have this in the shop. It would be useful for metal work as well as wood projects. Thank you! Let me know when you bring it down, so I can find a place for it and create a wiki page.