Would you like another slice of Raspberry Pi?

Were you one of the many new folks that attended the Raspberry Pi presentation last night?

Did you just not get enough and are still hungry for more?

Come to HIVE13 again NEXT Tuesday night (Feb. 19) for a next slice of Raspberry Pi.

In the one hour (6:30pm to 7:30pm) before the usual HIVE business meeting, we will have an informal follow-up on the Raspberry Pi. Think of it as a “Birds-of-a-Feather”, or a “Special Interest Group” gathering where folks with a shared interest can compare and contrast experiences and get energized to to press on with their individual or collaborative learning efforts.

OK, so here’s a challenge. The HIVE would like to show three Raspberry Pi projects at the October Maker Faire. If the magnificent glass block display can be made portable for the day and counts as one project, what will be the other two? How about one dirt-simple project and one that is a bit more complex? Bring your ideas and energy for the discussion. We’ll launch a project page for the ideas that grow legs. You learn by doing and gaining experience. Sure you can do it all yourself in your basement, but it is better at the HIVE. We even have pizza!


I will definitely plan to make this meeting! Thanks for sending this email out early enough to adjust my 60 hour work week, Jim.

I’ve been slowly gathering the parts and poking around in the software to make a Raspberry Pi and Arduino controlled fermentation refrigerator for making lager beers (especially Bock and Oktoberfest/Marzen). I’m following the design from www.brewpi.com, but may have to tweak my setup due to a couple factors. I bought the Arduino shield the day he started selling them last week but it’s coming from the Netherlands, so I’ve kind of forced myself to take this project nice and slow to piece everything together and work around some problems.

For those that don’t want to read his website, basically the RPi controls the web interface and data logging/graphing while the Arduino runs a PID algorithm to turn on/off the compressor and light bulb in the fridge to control the fermentation temperature. You use a Google Docs spreadsheet to create the temperature profile that may last days or weeks.


I just got done with a temp control project (reflow oven) and have some code for ChibiOS (which has been ported to RasPi). I’ll try to get it up on GitHub and I’ll let you know. I’m currently working on a sous vide cooker which is probably closer to beer brewing temperatures :slight_smile: