World IPv6 Day is June 8

Following the PUNnishing groaner shared from Tuesday's meeting that
May 4th is "Star Wars Day" because "May the fourth be with
you..." [] there is another
announcement that June 8 will be "World IPv6 Day", the 24-hour trial
of the next generation Internet protocol.

This is just a question for all you IT related folks, will the Hive's
public-facing website support native IPv6 traffic?


Technically yes but we are not using routed ipv6 addresses because the ISP doesn’t support it. We are just using the auto localnet ones. Our Hive13 local ipv6 address is fe80::214:22ff:fe08:f458/64, but it won’t do you much good unless you have a box at our ISP. I assume most machines in the Hive space also are sporting ipv6 (at least the linux ones) it has been a default and enabled option for several nears now for linux.