Workshop Proposal

Hi Austin!

The workshop sounds great! I’m forwarding the info to the mailing list. Somebody will get in touch shortly to work out all the details. Is there anything you woulsd need from us?

What would the price of the kits be so we can put it in our advertising.

We look forward to your workshop!

Craig Smith


I don't think I'll be able to make it that day, but this sounds like
an awesome workshop. If it's going to happen for sure, we'll need to
add it to the calendar, write a blog post, and maybe do an eventbrite
for it. Let me know if you want me to do any of those things; I can
create an eventbrite the same as I did for the other one. (Would we
charge for this one?)

Also, I think I can track down some contact info for the circuit
bending folks that started visiting us recently. They would
definitely want to know about this I imagine.


More info. Doing an event brite etc would be excellent. I too will be out of town that weekend. :frowning: I would like somebody who will be there to work directly with them to get everything done. Any volunteers?


Notice everyone! We still do not have somebody to work with this group and to make sure this event goes smoothly. Apparently this is a very bad week to people to be in town.

This is a list of people who can NOT make it:

  • Myself
  • Dave M.
  • Ed Estes
  • Jason B

We need somebody help out on Sunday afternoon. Open the space make sure our guest can setup, etc. We really need a volunteer for this.

I’m also out this weekend.


I will be out of town :frowning:

I will do it. What time do you think I would need to arrive?

I would work with CMTK4 directly. Please send an email to work out the details. Thanks TP!!


I will also be out of town that weekend helping my sister in Cleveland move…

Although, will there actually be anyone left around to attend? :slight_smile:

I think this is the type of thing that could bring in a bunch of
outside people. If we can nail it down and start advertising it,
people might come out of nowhere like they did for the soldering class
last month.

As long as there are one or two Hive members that can make sure things
run smoothly, I think we should go for it. We just need folks that we
trust to be there to open the doors, make sure people don't take our
stuff, tell guests about Hive to make them want to join, and lock up

As you find out more details, let me know and I can take care of a lot
of the online stuff I mentioned, like creating the eventbrite, etc. in


P.S. - I might be able to come late, but I'll basically be getting
into town at an unknown time on Sunday and heading back out again
Monday; so I still don't think I can say for sure that I can get


Yeah, I am not sure I’m the guy for the online, before hand stuff, but I can definitely be there that day for opening/closing/loss prevention.

Other Hive members around would be nice…