Working Ms. PacMan bar at the HIVE

OK. With the help of Jon (and Ellie) the Ms. PacMan bar has been
moved into the HIVE as a trial and setup in the arcade area.

It works and is setup for FREE play. The on/off switch is down low on
the back side. We'll put a small sign showing where the switch is.

We can discuss it Tuesday night to see if folks like it where it is,
or want to move it to another spot, or take it back out if it is not
wanted at the HIVE. It does make a good space to put chips and bean
dip during a party!.

If folks like where it's at we'll finish bolting the game cabinet to
the bar structure and reattaching the side panels that were removed
for shipping.

We also did some general cleanup in the arcade area to make more work

Jason's motorcycle project has been moved to the back hall space for
the moment. I trust that is OK for now. It shows what the space will
look like with a little less clutter.


We are currently working on disposal options for the bike. Moving it is not an issue.

I love the game! Personally I like how it is set up right now. It sections off the game corner well. Makes it feel more organized. Thank you for bringing it down to the hive though!