Workbench is now done

I think the project is now complete. Probably could take another coat of linseed oil, and finish needs to dry, so please don’t touch it today.

I’d like to thank the following people for their help:
Clay, who hasn’t gotten a darned thing done at the hive because he’s been busy helping me.
Tim Gregg, who was always quick to offer help, and made one of bench top glue ups about 90% easier.
Alex MacDonald, who gave up a good part of a Saturday to help me plane down the bench tops.
Numerous hive members for suggestions, support, and good wishes (oh and paying for the materials!).

If anybody wants a walk through, please grab me at the next meeting. I know there are a few tricky bits that go beyond it’s a flat surface with vises.

Open question: Should there be any rules for the bench? I’ve heard some comments that there should be, but I fully expect it to be used, abused, and tattooed. It’s a workbench, and not a piece of fine furniture. The best workbenches look like they’ve been through an open fire exercise, hopefully this one will be one of those. I think a Hive Open Space sign would be nice, otherwise I’m not coming up with anything.

Oh, and a break down of the cost if anybody is interested, total cost is $615, which is $135 below budget.

stands up and claps

A Hive project that got done on time AND under budget. This year just keeps getting better and better :slight_smile:

Awesome job everyone. I look forward to using it!!

Sooooo what is next on your agenda ?!?

Thanks Elly, I did promise miracles. :wink:

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Can you check your image privacy settings? Love to see it as I don’t know when I’ll be down at the space next.


Hmmm interesting. Let’s try this?

Your original images loaded… originally at least the new ones work though!

Well done!!! Dust collector sounds like an awesome next project!

Love the dual use of the holdfasts!