Woodworking Shop Layout

Attached is a .dwg and a scale .PDF copy of the wood shop layout with most of the tools for planning/discussion purposes.

I haven’t had time to work on shop furniture designs, but talking to others the two that seem to have most interest are as follows:

  1. A cabinet with integrated dust collection for the Jointer and Planer.

  2. A miter saw station with fixed fence and dust collection shroud. (there was also a good recommendation to build a cart for the drum sander so it can be stowed under the miter saw station and wheeled out for use)

feel free to play around with layouts for tools or propose designs for either of the above builds.


Kevin McLeod

WoodshopLayout_Current.dwg (65.5 KB)

Hive_WoodshopLayout_Current.pdf (42.2 KB)


Just wanted to bump this thread and add some thoughts that I meant to send a while ago. I know you mentioned the miter saw station in the other note (nice miter saw model, btw), so I’m leaving that alone, although I will help build when the time comes.

On the dust collection, I have been putting some heavy miles on the thickness planer and light miles on the jointer in the last few weeks. It occurs to me that the fix you made to the dust chute on the planer to mate with the loose dust collection hose (the table saw one) is really effective (thanks!). So I wonder if it would be easier to make something in the same vein for the jointer. Something like the wooden box on there now but where the hose could be connected at the bottom. That’s a much different solution than dedicated dust collection, but maybe just as good. The chute on the planer is also still being held on with duct tabpe (and maybe a handful of wood screws), so it might also be good to fabricate something more permanent but with the same functionality.

I’m guessing a dedicated cabinet will connect to the two machines in essentially that same way, although maybe with better suction from straighter hose? Anyway, it may still be worthwhile to build a new dust cabiet, but wanted to bring this back to the front burner. Again, let me know when you’re thinking about doing a build day and I will join. Thanks for your effort on this!



my plan wasn’t necessarily for that cabinet to have it’s own dust collection system, but to have a plug for the loose hose like the table saw or the planer currently uses. The cabinet would simply have good ducting built in so that the hose can be plugged into the cabinet and the distribution occurs in the cabinet automatically.

I haven’t made much progress on any designs yet, but will share when I do.



one potential layout is attached. I’m not in love with it, but it would get the miter saw away from the back wall and the extra depth of the miter saw bench required to clear the arm in the back could be used as a workbench, grinder station, etc from the hallway side. Would give all the tools good pass through clearance and the router could eventually be built into the wing of the table saw so it had better dust collection, surface, and fence.

WoodshopLayout.dwg (86.9 KB)

PDF copy attached, scaled 1"=24"

WoodshopLayout_Brainstorm1.pdf (90.7 KB)

My first thought on looking at that layout is the CNC which uses large sheets of stuff is in the back corner where you have to carry the sheets of items over top of other equipment.
My second though was, where is the dust collection?
My third thought was that there is a planet in our solar system that is entirely populated by robots.

That last one doesn’t really relate to the first two in any way…

Would it work to switch the CNC and the miter saw table to resolve the first issue?

Nice first thought!

I agree that the CNC machine needs to be easily accessible to allow movement and placement of 4’x8’ pieces

and it also needs access to all four sides, so that a person (and a shopvac®) can pass along any edge,

to access the spoil board from any edge.


there is currently 2’ of access on three sides how I have it drawn (current location only allows access to three sides effectively), could easily get more if needed.

I had another layout drawn up that simply had the CNC turned 90 degrees in it’s current location so sheets could be loaded from the hall, but the miter saw requires so much depth that I was focusing on a good place to put that. Please feel free to play around with your own layouts and share them.

Dust collection is an outstanding item, but I don’t think it would be hard to get it set up for any arrangement we would consider.