Woodworking Marvel Tool

Found it. Took some searching. Here’s the manufacturers page http://www.bridgecitytools.com/default/tools/jointmaker/jointmakers.html. This one has a video of it in action. http://boingboing.net/2010/12/18/hand-powered-table-s.html

This is exactly the kind of tool that is a bit out of reach for most starting hobbyists, but puts a lot of function in a very small space. Me? I’d almost rather try and build one for the price. A group buy? Not so bad at all. Don’t tell the wood guys. Nope, don’t show em the vids.

Happy Holidays :slight_smile:

My first thought when looking at this was how useful that could be for the ptdr folks my second was... how useful this would be at the hive at night. Interesting find!

So it appears to be a VERY expensive jig for a japanese pull saw. Everything show can essentially be done with a pull saw, albeit with a bit more practice and time. This jig is ~1,000, the pull saw can be had for ~$50.

Japanese Pull Saw:

Now this is going to be more accurate, and probably has a nicer saw than the $50 model, but that’s pretty much what it is. I wonder how difficult it would be to copy?

Cool tool!

Here’s one to match it!



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Yes, a very expensive jig. Notice that they are not selling the heck out of it, and some models discontinued. Price point is the reason I am thinking. Problem with tools is cash to get a ready tool, or time to work up a project. Me? I want to make a few things for large timber framing. Ah well… too many projects too little time. Projects I have in droves :slight_smile: This one though, I think makes detail work possible that is not easily created on a computerized machine. It’s gee whiz enough that if budget were unrestricted, I’d grab it right up. If I were a voting member, I’d already have proposed buying one. 1000 bucks of noodle and machine time easy in making one. And listed on the web, it is a solid reason for somebody to want shop access. I used to do scale models… this thing is a time saver.

Thing is you can do a lot of it with a hand saw and some dexterity. I could see this at $200-300, but $1K seems way too much.