Woodworking Jigs, Fixtures, Storage Ideas

I’d like to start making some aids for the woodworking area. Please provide your ideas for things that could help you make better use of the capabilities that we have already. To kick things off,

  1. Table saw cross cut sled.
  2. Box joint jig for router table with attachments for a few different size fingers.
  3. Storage organizer for table saw blades to add safety and keep things like dado sets organized.
  4. Sandpaper storage for different machines.

Any other ideas, or feedback on the ones above?



I have made 2 small cross cut sleds (one for straight cuts and one for 45% bevels) but larger versions would be helpful.
I think a box joint jig for the router table would be handy, it would likely be more useful than one for the table saw as we then don’t need to get a dado stack or do one of the extremely fancy tablesaw jigs. (or do we have a dado stack, I just don’t know where it is?)
I think a blade storage location would be great for both the tablesaw and the bandsaw so we can have spares for both, and know where to find them.

Let me know when you plan on starting any of these projects and I’ll lend you hand.

Will, Great! I’m going to CAD some things up from reference designs I have. Then I can see if we want to customize them further to provide more capabilities/flexibility.


We could also use the big C&C to make a jig.

I had the same thought: a box joint jig for the table saw would be very handy. I had thought about making one of these for home but it’s far down the list right now.

The only other thing that comes to mind is a few extra push sticks or pads. I can never seem to find one so I’ve been bringing my own lately. I could even make those if others would find them useful.

Mike, have you checked in the box under the tablesaw where the small cross cut sleds are? Every time I’ve needed on they have been there. But I also haven’t been around for most of December so they could have migrated south for the winter or something.

It’s been a while but at one point in October I couldn’t find it a couple times, and another I could only find one. I’m not sure how many are there now but in a shared space that strikes me as something to have a surplus of. I might just cut a few on the bandsaw and bring them down :-).