Woodworking Certification Class

Hi All,

Several of our members have expressed interest in having a “Woodshop Certification Class” to better orient themselves on several of the more dangerous tools that we have in the workshop (specifically the table saw).

I had one planned before the quarantine, but I think it’s time to try and plan one again.

Who all would be interested in attending? For obvious reasons, I would like to keep each class around 4-5 people. I have some availability over the next 3 weekends to host a few different classes.

This class will be focused on introducing you to the tools that we have in the woodshop. At the end of the class, you will be “officially certified” on all of the tools in the woodshop (excluding the CNC machine). In the class we will be constructing a small and somewhat useless doohicky. I was thinking a miniature chair would be a simple and easy task that would allow us to make use of most of the tools in the workshop.

Anyway, the plan is to have these classes over the next few weekends. There is no set schedule at the moment so please let me know if you are interested and when you would be available over the next few weekends.

Very interested