Woodworking and Metalworking Area Open House

Hello everyone,

Kirk, area wardens of the metalworking area, and I, area warden of the woodworking area, will be hosting a joint open house for our two spaces this Saturday, Feb. 14th from 10am to 12pm.

Open to anyone who wants to explore the hive and our spaces, learn how to use tools, or how to maintain them, etc.! We’ll be available for reference, and working on some of our own projects, too.

See you Saturday,



If Elly and Kirk are OK with that I will also hosting my open house at the same time. The Shapoko and the Roland are ready to run. I will prepare some examples to run on the Shapoko.

For the big CNC, you will have to wait for the next open house.


Thanks for helping set up the TIG welder Jim S brought down and showing me how to use it a bit kirk!

I thought it all went pretty well, can’t wait for next month’s!

Maybe announce the next one in a week or two? :slight_smile:


Thanks Kirk! you got me laying some nice fat beads with the mig in no time.