Wood Shop Mess

When I came in today the woodshop was quite a mess... Sawdust all over and around the table saw and miter saw, CNC spoil board full of chips, and the 40t general purpose table saw blade had been used to cut something so full of resin that the blade is now essentially toast.

I cleaned up the mess, but we need to get another 40t 1/8" kerf blade and try to get this one cleaned and sharpened.

Oh, and the table saw dust collection hose's swivel joint is broken

Good times.

We can do a camera check and find out who is not cleaning up.


I’d say the chips are mine, the blade was toast before I got there. Only wood was cut, nothing with resin by me.

The toast blade had been swapped for one of the plywood blades, which is in good shape. I put the combo blade back on so the plywood blade doesn't get used indiscriminately.

We can soak the bade and check the sharpness once cleaned.

Let’s try and clean up the sawdust and chips from now on.

I swept the floor but didn’t see the shop-vac to clean the cnc table, I just brushed it off. Looks like lots of things are being rearranged at the moment.